Amusing to see long time Retail Rogues Solomon Lew of Just Group (Just Jeans, JayJays, Portmans,Peter Alexander,Dotti,Smiggle,Jacqui E ) teaming with Gerry Harvey (Harvey Norman) in a crying fest bemoaning the lack of a level playing field – in that offshore shopping websites are now offering retail products at prices which their greedy retail chains cannot match. These (and many other) greedy retailers have long held the Australian public to ransom, selling goods at huge markups which bear no relationship to cost. The Australian retail public have long suffered from collusive or near monopolist practices of these companies. Just take the price of a regularly marked pair of Jeans at Just Jeans and compare that with the actual cost at production. Oh then theres the expensive retail premises?? Which you also pay for. And the expensive,often misleading advertising which has made these retailers houseold names-you pay for that too, when all you want is an item from their stocked range.

Jerry Harvey bleated yesterday about unfair cost structures and jobs- and I’m glad he raised the subject. His company like all Australian businesses, enjoys the unfair advantage of being able to lock workers into long-term wage and salary deals , but increase their prices at whim. Retail sector Workers are not among the elite of highly paid parasites in Australia.In fact they are often paid wages which do not support an independent lifestyle in the area in which they work. Many Sydney CBD workers are forced spend up to four hours a day at their own expense commuting to the outer urban Bantustans which are themselves barely affordable.

Gerry Harvey , Solomon Lew and their ilk were obviously not thinking about Australian jobs when they started the offshore buying spree which has left Australia all but devoid of a manufacturing base. Nor,when they started buying offshore,did they immediately pass the savings on to the Australian public. Their stock quality and standards of service are at best ho hum-in fact they are among the leaders of the downward spiral in acceptable retail quality.

The allegation that offshore websites do not create jobs in Australia is also blunted by the obvious need for someone to actually deliver those many parcels bought by savvy Australian buyers sick to death of the systemically supported Wageslavery and Price  gouging for which Australian businesses have become renowned.

These Retailers who are formalising a lobby block to get government to lower the threshold (currently $1000 ) at which goods may enter the country free of GST. They want the government to regulate against the public’s right to choose. They want regulation to protect their greed. They want protection from efficiency.

The Australian consumer enjoys a window in which they may make some purchases at a lower cost – and on better value terms. The Federal Labor Government should be told by the Australian people that we want to keep that window -and let the parasite retailers who have preyed upon a hapless public for way too long get efficiency or get out.