#Wageslavery is alive well and rampant in the 2000 postcode – kicking the guts out of people who are often working long hours for unsustainable pay.

   Without checking the minimum wage for Adults is $15-70 per hour – but many toil daily in roles such as  cleaning or restaurant work for far less. To be precise, the minimum wage I’m aware of is a paltry $6 per hour -paid by a particular eatery to all kitchen hands and wait staff -who either “live with parents” or are part of our homeless community. These hapless “employees” work up to 74 hours a week -for a measly $444 per week. Thats cash you understand. $8- $10 per hour is commonplace as are the Employers who never pay. It’ll be in the bank tomorrow/next week etc is heard virtually daily.

   It seems that State and Federal Government departments are either completely ill equipped to deal with these exploitative employers, or turn a blind eye to what has become a commonplace practice. The sole reason that I am not trumpeting the businesses names from the highest roofs is that they provide the sole income some marginalised people have.  

  The victims known to me are almost exclusively Asian- and I won’t go into the ethnicities of the employers/ exploiters. But these asian workers are genuine hard working people -people too proud to accept help unless they can do something in return. And they are industrious. They are just not rewarded adequately.