I’m stunned at the audacity of those self interest preserving Australian retailers who perennially foist among the highest prices in the world on consumers, crying foul over the paltry $1000 GST free limit for offshore web retailers. These retailers enjoy government regulated controls which ensure workers do not receive sustainable pay- while behaving as cartels to keep retailer buyers  paying top prices for poor service. Consumers enjoy virtually no protection as they are clobbered daily with huge retail markups to feed the greed of the monopolist business breed.

A good example is mobile phones. In a demonstration of retail collusion and arrogance, not one of the mobile phone retailers has an option which offers people who pre-pay a more cost efficient price structure. The industry standard is in fact the reverse, with many incentives offered to sign up to duplicitously marketed credit trap plans, the cause of many people being homeless today. Then compare the products. Handsets which retail for $US120 via offshore sites ($150 airfreighted to your door) sell for $500 to $600 and as high as $1100 in this greedy credit gobbling industry.

Then consider the markups in sports footwear, where shoes that cost $5 ex factory are retailed for $240. Nike are of course the most well known and most maligned, but most sportswear manufacturers offer similar ripoff pricing.

Doubtless the equally greed driven and uncaring Federal government are seeking ways to tax offshore purchases to boost their own revenues and protect their big business cronies. In the meantime, Australians should continue to deal with those who deliver the best value- and they are rarely Australian.

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