Prime Minister Julia Gillards premeditated attack on welfare recipients has caused a wave of scathing criticisms to flow from many quarters. Discussions with aghast welfare recipients reveal that, yes,they frequently miss appointments- due to Job Network or Centrelink letters not arriving until after the appointed time. In Julia Gillards, and doubtless Jenny Macklins announced scheme these people will have their payments stopped and suffer the penalty for a failure of Gillard Macklins Centrelink system to properly inform their client. The people we are speaking to say that this happens consistently.And we know of many others who have reported similarly.

At the crux of the matter is Centrelinks flat refusal to save taxpayers money by recognising the advent and advantages of email. The vagaries and expense of snail mail can be eliminated completely, or to a large degree, by embracing this technology. We think that email has been around so long that even the Prime Minister and her neanderthal opposition counterpart use it. And its time politicians stopped using statistics as garnishes for the fabrications they foist on a gullible public.In this case stats merely show that 58% of appointments are not kept.

Sydney Homeless strongly support Welfare Claimants assertions that these proposals are draconian ill founded and represent a direct and uncalled for assault on the rights of the most marginalised in the community-a favoured ploy it seems, of right wingers without substance. Hitler did much the same.

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