Editors note: The Meeting mentioned in this notice has been postponed until further notice by the board for unforeseen reasons.We & they apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.- editor

Statement by the board of Just Enough Faith Foundation Inc.

3rd June 2009.

Just Enough Faith Foundation Inc. board alive and


We are the members of the board of JEFF, and have been working frantically in the background to try to get a resolution on the matter of the administrator appointment to the board of Just Enough Faith Inc.

 The request by The Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing (OLGR) involved the finances for the years 2004 to 2007. These financial records were not submitted by Mr Jeff Gambin.The current board members were not present before September 2007.How does the appointment of an administrator in 2009 have any relevance to 2004 finances?How has the current board breached The Charitable Fundraising Act? The board doesn’t know because it has never been told.

 During the investigation by the OLGR, the board has NEVER been approached by an officer of Liqour Gaming and Racing.This is a clear breach of natural justice.

The appointment of the administrator to Just Enough Faith Foundation Inc. was made on 3rd April 2009-this was the first and only time that any face to face contact was made between the Board and The Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing.

We appreciate that there is a fair amount of angst in the community about the current state of affairs, and we offer the following facts for your information.

1. The appointment of the administrator may not be legal.

2.The administrator is acting outside the brief of the act, as the act serves only as a regulatory and compliance base- that is it can instruct us to stop certain activities, not ‘take over” the foundation.To date,despite several requests,no brief as to the administrators terms of reference have been made available.

3.There is a new Public Officer who has been threatened with arrest if she appears at the premises of Just Enough Faith Foundation Inc. Indirect threats have been made against the board of the same nature.

4.Minister Greene has refused to meet us.Hon Verity Frith’s office have not returned our calls,and the Director General of the OLGR has also refused to meet us.

5.Jef Gambin is no longer officially associated with Just Enough Faith Inc.His legal issues,ongoing police investigation and bankruptcy has meant he cannot be associated with the foundation-once his legal process is complete and he is “of good character” he will be welcomed back to Just Enough Faith Foundation Inc.


Whilst it is questionable whether the administrator had the right to enter  into an agreement with The Exodus Foundation, we appreciate the work  they have carried forward in ensuring that our clients the homeless continue to be fed. 

 Although we have a great deal of respect for the Exodus Foundation, our concerns rest with the actions of the OLGR and the administrator.

Finally the supreme authority of the JEF Foundation rests with its members, not with the Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing, or the Department of Fair Trading.

According to the constitution an open general meeting has been called at the premises of JEFF for Saturday 13 June at 10-30.



Kamalle Daboussy

for and on behalf of the board.