Sydeny Homeless Friday,different day same shit.When I should be building Banner Bikes & Cycle Rescue,instead Im dealing with a nice young family who have previously had their two children Stateabducted by the draconian NSW DOCs.I have seen the Court orders and the Childrens Court Judges summation castigating DOCs for putting on totally fabricated information to take the kids in the first place.These are commonplace in NSW. Less common is finding an eleven year old who can so vividly and graphically verbalise what happened to them under DOCs care -and why he is so fearful of DOCs knowing where he lives that he refuses to live in a place if DOCs know the address.

Why am I dealing with them?? Because the “help” government impose is so damaging that one of our imperatives is to keep kids the hell away from any government services or their mandatory reporting spy agencies.

It is every childs right to feel safe and parental responsibility to fulfil that obligation. Those rights and responsibilities are ridden roughshod over by the States draconian self given right to insinuate itself into every aspect of family like aids. In NSW there are no legal protections from State Invasion of your family. In the justice system the only people who can apply for Apprehended Violence Orders on behalf of Children are DOCs and Police – the very government departments who are the greatest threat to children. Parents cannot apply. I see many children and a lot of adults scarred for life by the intrusion DOCs and their ilk have made into their lives. Among our community are traumatised middle aged adults who haven’t fully gotten over the horror care foisted on them by DOCs and their money grabbing affiliates -and we haven’t touched on the paedophilia aspects.. makes me sick.

Well,family now matched to gifted accommodation for a week and alls well ……….for now.