A good old friend Jeff Gambin used to tell about the homeless man who offered Jeff his blanket thinking Jeff to be homeless. The simple gesture, common among rough sleepers, caused Jeff to found the most effective Homeless peoples service ever to operate in Sydney. Sadly Just Enough Faith no longer exists but thats another story.

As our  small team of  Sydney Homeless ( we”re homeless too ) do our rounds of our City we look in dismay as some of our homeless brothers and sisters sleep on footpaths & in doorways or where-ever they may be as tiredness overtakes them. A high proportion of them I cannot communicate with – or communication is so disjointed. I do Not know how to help if I cant communicate- & those who specialize in such support are often asleep or indifferent- I do know that if Im freezing in multiple layers of clothes & jackets,they are probably freezing too- at least I can give them a blanket.

COLLECT CLEAN BLANKETS : we will arrange bulk collection Australia wide.

Form a blankets4homeless chapter in your Town or City worldwide. Our Skype network can support all partners worldwide managing inbound cakls for assistance or reports of rough sleepers fron the public. We urge partners to work with orgs but not be used by NFPs to do what they collect gov & dinor $$ for without charge.

contact us @SydneyHomeless

skype: blankets4homeless avail soon

People seeing rough sleepers in public places call our Sjype based call center, giving location

Our blankets4homekess person takes the rough sleeper a blanket. At least they”re a bit warner.If possible our person will assist further.

blankets4homeless people willl accept goodwill donations which they may keep or put into the service ar their discretion

r blankets4honeless is simple & needs little to set up. We are homeless remember? Our version is simply a guy walkung the streets with a remivalusts trolley.Liaded with clean 2nd hand blankets. Backed up by an anon storage donir. And blanket donors. Its that simple

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