The proposed law to limit political donations in NSW has been circumvemted by Labor and the Greens who have put in place an exemption allowing donations from the two biggest interest groups in the country. The legislation which has passed parliament allows not-for-profit organisations to continue to donate where corporations cannot.

   Under Liberal and Labor State and Federal governments church and club related organisations have reaped windfalls in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually, via the NGO sector businesses which they run, providing cheap #Serco style services to government departments. For example,Uniting Church may donate, along with each separate church, as well as Exodus Foundation and the myriad of shirts which Uniting Church wear. Its like a person being able to donate again and again by the device of changing clothes.

  The legislation allows individuals to donate $3000 per MP and $5000 per Party -placing independents who belong to no Party at a serious economic disadvantage in funding their electoral campaigns competitively. A ceiling of $3000 per MP as compared with $8000 which Party Member MPs supporters can donate. So a Liberal Labor or Greens Party member with 10,000 supporters will have a campaign fund potential of $80,000,000 ,while an independent candidate with 20,000 supporters will have a funding potential of just $60,000,000 (or 75% of the Party Members total allowed) for twice the number of donating supporters. That, apparently is democracy (or is it dollarcracy ) as it lives in the minds of Party Politicians in Australia.

  A Fairer system would be to have taxpayer funded elections, without donations or advertising support allowed, and a cap of $150,000 per candidate.