If any proof is needed that the poverty industry and government are really only about using homeless people as tokens to collect your tax dollars with, the invasive Rough Sleeper Survey by the Parasite Poverty Industry is a case study.

According to the combined resources of government council, Mission Australia, Mercy Foundation (who we’ve never heard of) and Common Ground (whose patron Therese Rein (Rudds Spouse) made her millions delivering marginalised people as #wageslaves to her industrial clients at taxpayers expense) there are just 269 Homeless known to them in Sydney.The survey team managed to “interview” just 200. Why is this? Did they not want to hear what the other 69 had to say? Were they simply told to “fuck off??” Why??  Only 18 of our core group of long term homeless were even approached.  Perhaps this is a figure they’ve cooked up to “prove” that the strategies which they advised government to put in place, with cashcades of your taxpayer money funding their ill advised schemes, are working.

The day following the final survey ,many of the regular rough sleepers who disappeared returned to their habitual spots.

If Mercy Foundation / Mission Australia / City of Sydney knew where and when to count, these intrepid counters would have found between 500 and 600 Rough Sleepers without leaving public property.

Why the Rough Sleeper Counts and Surveys Fail

  • Trust. The overwhelming majority of long term homeless do not trust any level of government their contractors or their objectives. From the NGOs who profess to deliver “homelessness services” including Housing NSW and its contractors, we hear nothing but lies. Promises and duplicity. From the Government departments and politicians dealing with homelessness we hear long winded promises and announcements, see lots of attempts to spy on us and use us as cash collection tokens, but no affordable appropriate and agreeable housing.  In the case of Missionbeat its well known that their Sydney manager is ex Police -or is there such a thing. As with most low income and ethnic communities, Sydney’s Homeless community do not enjoy a good relationship with police, who are well known for their predisposition to take the side of the wealthy against us. They are known as a tool of repression and regarded as one does a disease. The last two Missionbeat co-ordinated  “Street Counts” have been followed within a fortnight by late night visits from police issuing “move-on” orders to destabilise homeless campers. So why would we trust them?? Needless to say, many homeless have taken steps to ensure their privacy safety and security by not being visible to counters and survey takers. There is not -nor has there ever been-a valid reason to trust any of those who profiteer using us as tokens.
  • Money & Outcomes. Those commissioning and conducting the Rough Sleeper Survey are well paid for their information collection efforts. In contrast to the Rough Sleeper survey subjects, who received just $10 for being woken 3 mornings in a row. A few calls to Survey organisers advertising in Gumtree established that the going rate is $30 to $150 per interview. We have yet to see a single initiative which seeks to end housing marginalisation eventuate from any of these government and NGO serving exercises.
  • Tee Hee!! They don’t know when where or who to look at : Bemusing as it is, 3 most popular Rough Sleeper hangouts are within 10 minutes walk of Town Hall – and they’re never counted!! Last Monday there were 35 sleeping at just one of these camps. Asian Homeless?? The 200 odd who we know are virtually indistinguishable to the anglo-aussie eye from other asians. They integrate seamlessly into the flow of Sydney life. Many work for just $7 to $8 an hour – in places where you would least expect- in preference to the dole. Then there are the estimated 150-180 who sleep in vehicles. And of course the substantial number who sleep in the day.

SydneyHomeless continue to advise homeless people to NOT co-operate with surveys, homeless counts and other NGO serving activities which collect information to better leverage funding opportunities for their organisations. While we look forward to the day when City of Sydney run Social Housing in their council area, that is not on any political agenda which we are aware of. We also know of no initiative by City of Sydney to provide non-invasive social housing in its district.