We hold The NSW Labor government responsible for jeopardising the Jefs Corner Foodvan operation. We call on them to fix the mess they have made, ensuring that operations continue at the same service levels offered by Just Enough Faith, and preferably, under the management of Just Enough Faith.

We will oppose by all means necessary any management involvement by John Oliver,Tim Buckley or Alan Byrne, or their nominees . We will also strongly oppose any attempts to downsize food and ancilliary services or add government services.

As the intrigue builds in relation to the future of the JEF foodvan operations, we think that some issues will be clarified by the end of the week ending June 20th.
Several concerned foodvan patrons wonder if they will get a hot meal at night this time next month.
We, and a lot of JEF supporters, judging from our mail, look forward to the announcement of the next JEF meeting by the Board of Directors, and their awaited clarification of the official JEF position.

 On Wednesday 17th June, we look forward to the parliamentary response to the questions Ms Sylvia Hale,MLA, Greens, so kindly and quickly put to the relevant minister, regarding the governments position on continuity of service, quality and quantities of food distributed by the foodvan service. The questions are at the url below with the response posted online by the 19th, we understand.


 Our understanding is that as yet Exodus have no indication that their government contract, due to expire in the next fortnight ,will be extended. We do not think that Exodus will countenance the total cessation of a necessary service, but we are not privy to their inner sanctums thinking-Nor are we asking to be. Unlike Just Enough Faith, Exodus seem to give much consideration to costs going forward, and are known to have a higher cost base than JEFF, even when the hire of the yellow monstrosity is removed from the equation.

 It is our understanding that the administrator appointed by the OGLR used JEFF money to fund the contract, and that the administrator has set about stripping JEF of all funds and resources. Word trickling back is also that he has, according to some indirectly, contacted previous donors to JEFF, advising those that it is illegal to donate to JEFF, which we understand is not true. We have no way of clarifying this as the ministers office, the OLGR and the administrator continue to demonstrate their attitude to state government transparency, with a deafening wall of silence.

 In the meantime, the minister with responsibility for the Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing, (Kevin Greene) which we believe has illegally siezed control and management of JEF assets, continues to demonstrate an utter contempt for natural justice in his continued refusal to inform the Board of Just Enough Faith of the grounds for the organisation being under administration. Mr Greene and his OLGR continue to make an absolute mockery of the NSW Labor Governments commitment to transparency with his (or his administrators) ongoing refusal to state publicly on what grounds they have siezed JEF. Mr Greene also continues to treat Sydneys Homeless Community with utter contempt, by his continuing to ignore the questions which we have put to his office.

  The Sydney Homeless Community hold The NSW Labor Government, Mr Greene and their Office of Liqour,Gaming and Racing responsible for any adverse effects on the standard of services delivered at the JEFs corner foodvan site. They alone chose to sieze JEF’s assets and arbitrarily appoint their own contractor, Exodus. Their administrator chose to re channel all of JEF’s regular donations to Exodus- some of whom will be lost to JEF forever. Their appointed administrator took it upon himself to pay Exodus out of JEF funds to carry on services which JEF were very capable of continuing. In fact, if there was any barrier to a JEF run service continuing, this NSW Labor Govt appointed administrator put the barriers there- and they should fix it.

In spite of the accounting based proponents perspectives that JEFF (or Jef Gambin) stuffed up, we can say that they missed out on delivering their much in demand and gratefully received service NOT ONCE. They ran out of food NOT ONCE. We think that the JEF system worked so well because of the lack of a feeding frenzy of accountants and accounting practices. JEFF, and Jef Gambin personally, were often able to respond on the spot to ad hoc emergency situations immediately, precisely because they,we think,made it up as they went along.Indeed, compliance with these cumbersome mechanisms is what renders many of the services delivered via government contracted providers slow, expensive and comparatvely ineffective. At 9-30 at night, people who need help and have probably traipsed from one tickbox government service provider to the next, don’t need to know that there isn’t quite a funding structure available to meet their needs, and this is the sort of emergency Jef Gambin regularly responded to- Hotel rooms for the night for families, airfares to new jobs and personal emergencies, while ineffective government accountant driven systems dithered. We are saddened at the predicament which Jef is in today- all because he did so effectively what successive governments consistently demonstrate an incapability or lack of desire to achieve.

Already we have seen the wasteful government bureaucracy dictated systems creeping in in the form of a, we understand very expensive hired foodvan platform which far exceeds Sydney Citys Health requirements for voluntary food services. We would NOT recommend using this platform in summer, unless the operator expects volunteers to be serving until 2 a.m.

  Put simply, State Government’s siezure of JEFF assets and management of those assets has rendered the Jefs Corner Foodvan service vulnerable to closure. The service is now a mess- made by the State Government and its administrators who are acting in the interests of,we believe, four malicious people, mainly number crunchers, who thought that they, not Jeff Gambin, should be running JEFF. Those three people are;

 John Oliver,Tim Buckley and Alan Byrne.

 We believe that these three became so obsessive and self righteous following their failure to turn Just Enough Faith into another boring ineffective accountant driven poverty industry operator, that they cared not that Sydneys Homeless Community would be left without adequate resources. These are the people who we believe leaked information, some possibly illegally obtained and distributed,to media. At least one of these people is believed to be the sole complainant upon whose complaint OLGR are acting. The most likely of these is said to be Mr John Oliver, an ex Babcock and Brown(in liquidation) financial genius said to have contributed $120,000 to JEF over 7 years. Their statements given to media are below.


Leading stockbroker Tim Buckley,who was appointed public officer, said: “I was shocked at what we found. There were no records, no receipts for anything and we had no access to bank accounts. Everyone knew the charity had received all this Packer money but no one could see where it had gone.”-excerpt from news.com http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,23567647-5001021,00.html 

We note that bank statements purporting to be the accounts of Just Enough Faith do not have a masthead, and do not actually show whose account they are.See link provided by News Ltd. http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/files/statements.pdf


Jeff insisted there was absolutely no money and I kept wondering how could a charity operate on such a shoestring,” says Alan Byrne, former member of Friends of Just Enough Faith, a committee whose members have blown the whistle.

After seven years of feeding the homeless every Friday night and raising more than $120,000 for the charity, in January last year John Oliver, a retired investment banker with Babcock & Brown, decided to walk away.

“I was just concerned about the lack of governance and financial transparency out there. And there were rumours of Jeff having some sort of a gambling problem. People said that they’d seen him gambling, but it was just their word against Jeff’s.”

Oliver says that by the end of 2006, he and his fellow volunteers had been reduced to buying pigs’ cheeks for 50 cents a kilogram to keep the food program going. “Once the money ran out the food deteriorated quickly. All we had was fatty rubbish, the food was absolutely dreadful and we struggled in the kitchen to make suitable quality.”

excerpt from