Fed Up with Greedy City Landlord Blues??

This amazing offer from Trundle,about 65k north west of Parkes, will be manna from-well-Trundle for those who decide to go bush for a change. Think carefully before inundating these good people with replies. Sydney Homeless wish Trundle all the success with this fair value promotion…

Trundle Tree Change

(from the website of the promoters in Trundle)

The Rent a Farm House scheme for Trundle has taken on a new name, ‘Trundle Tree Change’, to ensure that Trundle is firmly in everyone’s mind! At this early stage 6 Trundle farmhouses have been confirmed as being available for rent, so the project is moving along full steam ahead.

The aim is to bring new families to Trundle to ensure that the schools remain viable and the community survives and prospers. The criteria for applicants for the Trundle Tree Change scheme includes:

Trundle Hotel c 1909 NSW Tree Change

Trundle Pub -Town offering $1 per week rent Houses

• Families with children
• Community orientated people
• Those with renovation skills or interest
• People ready for a tree-change

The Committee has established a time line, with the aim to have new families moving to Trundle in time to start the 2011 school year.

It was wonderful to see so many Trundle people in attendance at the town meeting last weekend and the support has been overwhelming. The working party are now helping farm owners to ensure each house is comfortable for tenants. With that in mind, the committee are looking for the donation of any household/ building items that may no longer be needed, for example an old air conditioning unit, kitchen bench, a stove, wood heater etc. Please call in and let Dannielle at the Trundle Hotel know if you have any available items. At this stage furniture is not needed.

The website showing the progress of Trundle Tree Change is currently being constructed and will be a great way to track the program in the future. Stay tuned!

Trundle, New South Wales – Google Maps

Town offers $1 rent to lure residents

Rent A Farm House Scheme