We used to live in families, communities and societies. Today, in the world according to Gillard & Abbott we live in an economy. We live for Bosses Banks and the illusion of the Big Buck. Abbott and Gillard have mentioned jobs, jobs jobs as the pathway to prosperity… (but for them not for us.) Not once in the entire election campaign has FAIRPAY been mentioned.Well the big two who would be king are to leave out mention of FAIRPAY. Both have an absolutely abysmal record- in government from opposition and from private life.

We will be treated to a debate on sound economic management.Abbott can rightly claim to have been a minister in the highest taxing government Australia has ever seen, a government which promised to “never ever introduce a GST” and did anyway. Abbott can claim to have used draconian laws to protect exploiter employers from just Fairwage claims and improvement in workers conditions, to the advantage of the most parasitic businesses in Australia. Examples of businesses which profited immeasurably from such neocon benevolence include Visy & Amcor of collusive price fixing fame.

Gillard draws a long bow in her claims to sound economic management. If her claims are reasonable then credit must go to Kevin Rudd- and if he did such a good job, why did she overthrow him??

And as #ausvotes the small opportunities to avert bipartisan dictatorship masquerading as democracy lie with Bob Katter , a couple of other independents and possibly The Greens in the lower house. Your insurance is to vote Greens or Socialist Alliance above the line for Senate. But don’t take my word for it..think before you vote in 2010.Throwing your vote away may have as much adverse impact as filling Sydney Harbour with Toxic waste.