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Frugal Housing-How to Cut Your Biggest Single Expense « The Frugal Goddess

Our celebrated Homeless Homestay venture.

http://homelessandcommunity.wordpress.com/ Homeless and Community Group from Sydney representing the Homeless Community Interface. The Nice Guys and women of the Sydney Homeless community “uniting on the things we agree on not divided by the things we don’t”


Homeless Tent City Florida USA

Townsville Food Van

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Melbourne Free Food Services

Indianapolis INDIANA Homeless Group

Tent City Sacramento CA Insight into Homelessness in sunny Californy, and media exploitation of a community.Some nice touches.

http://poweredbicycles.wordpress.com …. the homeless motorised transport alternative.Sell them in your hood.

http://www.art4thehomeless.webs.com/ Fantastic work by a person with a VERY uplifting story and compelling reasons…help her 2 help others.

updatin when eva we can.Not on it? Homeless or a service provider? Not govt funded? Holla bak at sydneyhomeless@letterboxes.org

Hunger Intervention Program Fundraiser,Edmonton Alberta


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mixoac.blogspot.com This blogger makes an important contribution to on the subject of the role of charities and comments on the real opportunity that the charities are themselves likely to come into conflict with their nominal constituency. Also a cutting analysis of indigenous struggle in the Peruvian Amazon, factoring worldwide parrallels. A very informed one man crusade.

Poverty Rescue are an Aussie Based group who’ve been/seen the mean streets of Asia. I hear them loud & clear having witnessed first hand Manilas (and Mexico Citys) now defunct Smoky Mountain, a giant landfill where generations of Manilas marginalised lived. PR also work in other asian countries,we understand, but the Phillipines is a huge poverty (and associated issues) crisis that staggers under the punitive retaliatory measures applied by USA, due to Phillipines(we believe correct) decision some years ago to close Subic & Clark. A small aside: SH were at the time involved in an ultimately successful campaign to Stop USA transplanting Subic/Clark to tiny pacific island Palau in association with Osobel Belau and Kltel Reng.