They call themselves charities and take millions in public corporate and taxpayer dollars annually. You assume that these often well known and well connected “Charities” will do the right thing with your generously given donations. But do they really ?? What really happens to your money?

The 2009 Victoria Bushfire Appeal was launched in 2009 to provide Relief & support for the many Victoria, Australia, communities devastated by the worst bush-fires Australia has seen. Some of the money went to set up a government Commission of Inquiry, headed by the ex Victorian Police Commissioner Sue Nixon ,who was subseqently faulted in her performance as Chief of Police in relation to those fires by that same commission. However, on point, the donating public gave the money to fund support for the bushfire victims, families and those affected. Many are still underaccommodated today, while the BushFire Commission wallows in the trough of public money.

In January 2010, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, multiple organisations ran heavily subscribed appeals. These became fodder for a US military led UN invasion and the subsequent creation of “Refugee Camps” where terror and rape run rampant. The US military impeded the efficient entry of genuine aid organisations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres to assert US government puppet Aid organisation and CIA front US AID as lead organisation. Subsequently all donation supported aid organisations became subservient to and in effect deliverers of US secret service dictated policy.

In Australia there is at least a weekly tug on your heartstrings by organisations masquerading as charities. You should NOT be duped. Many are simply cynical operations supporting high salaried CEOs and management teams while using volunteers for “feelgood” effect.

At the head of the list of Preying Vulture Fundraisers are those with a medical “research” objective. Stop and think about it.Funding research into cures for cancer? Aids? If the research is ever successful, then you’ve just financed another wonder drug for the highly lucrative #BigPharma conglomorates to earn more millions from…WOW!! DO NOT SUPPORT!!

Next in line are those who use Homeless , Mental Health, Youth , Poverty as headlines. Do they have a plan to end their selected field of marginalisation?? Are they government supported? If so, they’re probably delivering ineffective invasive government services- and funded to do so by your taxes. How much does their CEO and management team get paid –and for what??  What percentage of their nett income is returned to their target constituency in a form identified by that constituency (not a charity selected few clients) as effective??

In short, if an organisation is not returning 80% of whats collected directly to their target constituency as above, they are part of the problem, parasites preying off the marginalised, and you shouldn’t support them