While we have been enthusiastically supportive of the Greens holding the balance of responsibility there are some policies and one candidate which we don’t support.

Greens ACT Senate candidate Lin Hatfield Dodds is the ex head of Uniting Care Australia and Chair of ACOSS. Both of these organisations have a parasitic connection to marginalised people using us as tokens to leverage financial advantage from an ever overburdened taxpayer. Both together with their affiliates have a long history of enjoying the attentive ear of both sides of politics. We only became aware of her history after the election and we therefore were not able to get this information out. If she is the Greens lead person on Marginalisation and welfare then the country can look forward to the Greens supporting more expensive and ineffective band aids which do not address the causes of marginalisation, but are extremely beneficial revenue wise for entities such as Uniting Care. That is what ACOSS and Uniting Care specialise in.

The Australian Greens also have a policy commitment to keep public service jobs secure. This includes the bureaucratic brainiacs who have under the Howard and Rudd-Gillard governments orchestrated indigenous family invasions under the guise of protecting children -and using those children as tokens to collect millions of dollars without delivering outcomes which exceed or even meet those which would reasonably be expected in the circumstances from which the child was removed.

The third issue I have with Greens policy is its support of a higher income tax regime and lower GST. This is in my view regressive and especially detrimental to the very constituency which the Greens seek to represent. A progressive option is to implement an extension of the miners super tax to include a similar tax on similar profit excesses across the business spectrum. Banking and Financial Institutions for example. Then theres the issue of why churches should be exempt from paying their fair share in taxes,yet receive far more generous benefits than any taxpayer. And the potential for a development supertax offset to fund social housing acquisition. This would seem to me to be more in tune with Greens constituencies aspirations and their capacity to keep paying ever more burdensome and onerous taxes.

Meanwhile, congratulations to all Greens and Greens supporters for your resounding victories in this 2010 Federal Election.I hope you get the opportunity to use your new balance of responsibility wisely.