Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Prime Ministerial wannabe Tony Abbott agree on lots of things.So many in fact that I’m surprised that they remain in different parties.

On Welfare their differences amount to the mere pedanticism of exactly how far to turn the thumbscrews.Not once did either mention a Fairpay guarantee.

Today they will prove yet again that in their eyes we live in an economy, not a society.Their economy debate should be fun. Abbotts degree in economics should ensure that he at least spells the word correctly. But I digress and trivialise and I shouldn’t.Dear Leader and Dear Leader-in-Waiting have by unanimous decree declared each themself to be the superior manager of our national economy.I would have thought that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao had at least as much to do with sound economic management of the Australian economy,given the extremely generous prices his country has offered for our not inexhaustable commodities in our hour of perceived need; as either of the two combatants -but I don’t have a degree in economics and Tony Abbott does and what exactly that means,I’m not sure.

But I’m really looking forward to this debate because, as any thinking person would know, the person who proves to be the soundest economy manager of them all will reduce Taxes the most. Because a smart economic manager will reduce costs across all portfolios and pass on the resulting savings to the investor which is the taxpayer which is you,right? A smart economy manager in a capitalist free market economy will allow Free Market principles to apply.Businesses free to set their own prices and workers free to choose their own comfortable pay rate. Because its about freedom, choice and prosperity. Thats gotta be VERY good for workers and not a bad way to reduce unemployment homelessness economic and social marginalisation either.I’m really GETTING this!! But the best bit is that a good economic manager is a lot like a good property developer. If he hires an architect and the architect designs a building which falls down, the developer will likely never hire the architect again.And I know that no matter which of these two great people wins the debate, that person will apply this important principle. Across the many essential functions of government reward those whose performance actually delivers the desired outcomes according to the vanishing timeline set out culminating in the resolution of the problem or issues without a recurrent call on taxpayers for more and more funds.

From the stone cold reality of the sidewalk paver I’m sitting on,it seems to me that Government Australian Style is in fact the antithesis of sound economic management. Constant calls for yet more funds on already overtaxed and under-serviced tax and ratepayers is the norm.As is an extremely low return on investment to the shareholder which would again be-the taxpayer. Therefore I’m glad That Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard agreed to have this conversation..its a conversation Australia so badly needs to have.