Our interpid fledgling team of legal researchers ( 2 very committed law students), have just shown us how religions and church based organisations like Exodus Foundation(Uniting Church) and Salvation Army are legally able to cheat and lie to raise funds in NSW, while non faith based charities are hampered in their fundraising efforts by government legislation. This is how Bill Crews and his cronies like Ted Noffs(who you’ve never heard of, right?) can raise money (millions) in your name with the money going to their organisation and without any government scrutiny, and how someone like Jef can get into trouble for doing exactly the same thing.

 Most of the charities are church connected.The ones that aren’t include The Station and JEFs. Salvos Vinnies and Mission Austalia,Exodus,St Canices and Wayside Mission are church linked.

  Our aim is to keep those who raise money in our name accountable. We will by public demand shame the business charities into showing that EVERY LAST CENT raised in the name of homeless people is spent directly on homeless people. This means on things that provide a direct and immediate service to homeless people, which is not government funded or subsidised. It does not mean money spent lobbying parliament or putting submissions to government departments for funding. It does not mean paying for flash offices,cars,vans or Acoss memberships for their organisation. It does not mean attending homelessness conferences.

  We are on your case.