Sydney and Metropolitan jobs going to visa workers empowers wageslavery employers to engage in their expolitative practices – and the Australian Taxpayer picks up the bill. The Howard regime of which current Coalition Leader Tony Abbott was a senior member and the subsequent Rudd-Gillard administration sent big business profits into the stratosphere while sending living wages plummeting.They achieved this by the simple device of over-regulating

Major reasons for employer groups enthusiasm for visitors from overseas having the right to work are those workers ignorance of Australian workers rights and their acceptance of substandard conditions. Now I’m not saying that these workers should not have the right to work in Australia. More, I’m asking,should they have the right to work in metropolitan areas where there are unemployed people capable of carrying out that same work? To illustrate, I’m using two companies. They usually work in conjunction with each other and may in fact be related.They are Subakette and Australian Traffic Management. It seems that these companies specialise in hiring exclusively English and Irish backpackers to carry out government funded civil works in the Sydney CBD. They are not the only companies but in Sydney City they certainly stand out. As does the Traffic control industry with other companies seemingly engaged in this discriminatory practice.I’ve talked to the workers from these companies regularly over the past five years and am yet to meet an Australian or Australian resident. It defies logic that these backpackers somehow acquire better skills or bring with them a special knowledge of Australian Traffic Control-so much so that they are able to get all this government funded work and Australians are not. It bothered me so much that I paid three Aussies course fees to do a Traffic Control Ticket in April. Two females(one aboriginal) and one male. Their first two points of contact were Australian Traffic Control & Retro, another with a visible discriminatory employment policy. Its nearly September now and neither of them has been able to get traffic control work. Yet there are still huge traffic control contracts in Sydney City and outlying metropolitan areas-and we want to know why Aussies aren’t getting them. Is there something about blonde female backpackers which makes them superior purveyors of this type of work? I don’t think so. Is there some innate quality english backpackers have which gives them a superior ability to interpret understand and direct local traffic, which locals lack? I don’t think so.Or could it be that they care less about maintaining the living wage which Australian workers fought for in times past?

The Prime Minister has recently announced her regionalisation policy.Immigration should create a visa category which entitles backpackers to work in identified regional areas only where Julia Gillard tells us there is a shortage of workers. After checking that those areas don’t have local unemployed people who could be trained if necessary for that work. It could well be that these so called employers pay so little that the local population calculate its unaffordable for them to work there.In this case these are not jobs or employers-they are wageslavery and exploiters and should be exposed as such.

Resident locals who wish to work should have priority over working visa tourists on all work available. If local workers are refusing the work on pay grounds then the industry must raise its pay to the needs of the local community, or wither. Immigrants should be settled for their first five years of residency in the regional areas which are screaming out for workers (according to our politicians and National Farmers Federation).

Politicians at federal state and local levels should also ensure that their departments and the contractors they engage have an appropriate local workforce engagement policy.Say 80%. It doesn”t sound like rocket science to me.