In a recent “Interventionist child protection policies are right” article in the Australian apparent journalist Jeremy Sammut uses his position of media authority to again attack marginalised people.His attack is in keeping with the apparent views of Macklin, Abbott and Noel Pearson Churches and the education institution intoxicated bureaucrats of Canberra.It is doubtless a perspective supported by racially imbalanced and systemically racist police and unfortunately named “Child Protection Authorities.”

These are the same neocons who follow the mantra that “a job” is a cure to all (or many social ills).They conveniently leave out the cold hard fact that the majority of “jobs” in Australia pay unsustainable #wageslavery incomes.Yes the average wage is around $1300 per week gross- including a range from 25 million a year down to $28500 a year full time. All neocons of Labor and Liberal heartily endorsed CDEP slavery for aboriginals and its Work-for-the-dole offspring.All were silent as the Patrick McClure furphy of a “mutual obligation” in return for welfare was insinuated like aids or the (“NT Intervention”) as a norm of government business.Conveniently forgetting the real concept of mutual obligation which is to pay Australia’s high taxes when earning and get income support when not earning. I always considered the ridiculously high direct and indirect taxes levied by various levels of government to be more than fair return for the pittance “benefits” welfare pay out,especially for Newstart Sickness or single parent benefits.

According to the obviously priveleged Mr Sammut,”the clientele of Child Protection Services consist predominantly of members of the underclass”… (nice touch).Another way of putting this is,of course, the vast majority of Australians who are not part of the small clique who,through greed and manipulation of intentionally pro-greed law,control Australia via a government protected stranglehold on decision making.These are the Churches Corporates and Government entities who can afford to keep cases in court “in perpetuity”. As in the Mabo case, the intent is to demonstrate that “take us on,and even if you’re right, you won’t live to see the benefits. Mr Sammut does not consider that these “Child Protection Authorities” might possibly be wrong- and they frequently are.In recent cases such as this judges have absolutely castigated investigative authorities (both Child Protection and Police) for what amounts to manufacturing evidence. Families and especially children are often financially and emotionally crippled by the machinations of multiple layers of taxpayer funded State repression of families,while gong ho government department operatives get rewarded for their efforts with taxpayer funded “Stress Leave” and holidays, masquerading as conventions.

Every person who has worked in “Child Protection” at State Territory or Federal level from the ministers down should have their actions subject to review in a court where the evidence act does not apply -as is the case with the current Childrens and Family Kangaroo Courts. Lets take their kids and subject them to the same abuses they knowingly foist on our children via their paedophile church operated care and adoption systems.

With particular reference to Minister for Human Services Jenny Macklin (and her NSW State counterpart Linda Burney ) it is harder to find better examples of gutless out-of-touch politicians carefully shielded from bad news by “sub-ministers” while fronting bland regional centre openings shielded from protests and the sick reality of the harm their departments do daily. In Macklins case, shes even shielded from being voted out as a safe ticket placed Victoria Labor senator… makes me sick.