Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner;

Men only

Where:  Talbot Lane, Woolloomooloo 9357 1533

Food is now the best for FREE  in Sydney.And so it should be. Matthew Talbot gets millions of dollars in government funding as well as corporate and political support. It appeals most to the institutionalised and many homeless are banned for life for some perceived indiscretion as judged by the largely uncaring staff who implement its jail like policies. And after 30 years of feeding homeless men virtual scraps, they’ve finally been embarassed,we suspect, into providing a decent meal, which they do…for those allowed in. My 3 visits over the last week all saw reeasonable helpings of good quality food. I still couldn’t wait to get out of the place -its draconian “we’re better than you” attitude permeates, it seems, into the very concrete of the walls.

Run by St Vincent De Paul, Matthew Talbot is one of the major acceptors of government funding in the name of homeless and marginalised people. Matthew Talbot has been around for decades and is a key part of the NSW Governments Strategic Plan to make the inner city areas a no-go zone for homeless and playground of the rich exploiters whom governments love and nurture.