NSW Govt driving sky-high rental prices

Another stuff up from the minister for people having no rights – Linda Burney

The NSW Government’s Housing Department, Housing NSW is driving the lower end of the property rental market skywards -and subsidising some shonky landlords while doing so. Many older, low income people, including those who accept #wageslavery rates and have been in long term boarding houses are being asked to vacate as Housing NSW acquires leases over rooms, low-cost motels and cheap units -creating homelessness.

A recently homeless man reports that, according to his landlord his room was needed to fill Housing NSW’s shortage -and they were prepared to pay top rates for it,well above his current rent. Many who have been put into short term,housing funded rooms & motels report bedbugs, filthy communal shower facilities, dangerous appliances in kitchens at the places Housing NSW send them to. Do Housing NSW check these premises, prior to paying above market rentals using your tax dollars?

Another disturbing report from a man placed in Edward Eagar Lodge as transitional accommodation – again at a premium to what the Uniting Church run business charity previously charged. Room again replete with bedbugs. Edward Eagar is also well known to us as a specialist in exploiting homeless and marginalised people as income generators, and attempting to keep them rotating from one related income generator unit to the next. Their building is well past its use-by date, reportedly badly maintained, cockroach infested -and NSW Housing puts people here at top dollar-using your money.

Delving further, we find that Housing NSW is now part of Human Services with Linda Burney as Minister.

Housing NSW is the biggest owner of residential property in NSW, and the biggest tenant of residential properties, when its network of NGOs is taken into consideration. Again, despite assurances from government, these properties are being leased at huge premiums to the local market -driving property rentals up, and private tenants out of the market.

We have found that Housing NSW has contracted certain realtors only to provide these houses. We ask why Housing NSW does not rent on the open market, from other independent realtors , or private investors ? Why are Housing NSW not checking Health & Residential Tenancy compliance on Rooms, Motels etc?