Some small successes:

122 Helped to Reconnect in past month

Our Youth Wing have seen 122 young people pass through their totally independent system in the past four weeks, with a 100% success rate as far as re-intergration into their own communities.In only 2 cases was the community not the community from which they originated.Our absolute priorities are simple.

There is no place for NSW Communities (Department of Community Services,DOCs) in their personal or family lives.Nor is there a place for any of the DOCs Funded “Youth Services” or “Family Services” NGOs, whose role post the Willis Report has become a highly profitable spying and “casemanagement” role -many staffed or owned by ex DOCs management. There are three reasons.

  1. The risk of harm to the children or families posed by exposure to DOCS far exceeds the minor everyday problems the youth or family have. We use phrases like #StateAbduction #FamilyTerrorism #StateBlackmail and #StateChildTrafficking to describe the business of State child removals in NSW & Australia – future generations will apologise for this humanrights violation of children & families by those including state & federal governments who purport to protect them. There have been numerous cases successfully brought against DOCs, despite the outrageous lies they manufacture, and the unlimited resources at their disposal.
  2. The departments Youth spy agencies, including The Salvation Armys Oasis Programme, collect “information” on teenagers, especially girls – often based on youthful bragging. When,up to years later, the girl becomes pregnant, DOCs appear at the hospital of birth and abduct the baby… on the basis of what the “concerned” Youth organisations report has stated.The Youth organisation reappears in the mothers life, offering to secure the return of the child- which their report caused to be abducted in the 1st place. Youth Organisation does not reveal its relationship as a spying agency for DOCs, but puts itself forward as a service provider to the distressed mother. Figures sourced from inside DOCs reveal the staggering payments available to,and incentivising,these ‘case managers’. Case Management businesses receive a staggering $6000 per child,per week- of which a measly $600 is paid to the actual person providing out of home care-and we wonder what justification there is for the case management NGO to get a massive $5400 per child per week!! There is no incentive for haste in arranging the childs return to the parent,the longer it takes,the more money the callous NGO makes-and they are not charities or social workers-they are parasitic businesses,preying on peoples vulnerabilities to a blackmail based set of laws Hitlers Gestapo would have been proud of- and you should question why your government employs them on an everyday basis

Our Youth Wing spend some time each evening checking the places they know,where homeless kids go.They are becoming known across schools and now have other kids contacting them, sayin “can you help?” They don’t and can’t help everyone- a concern for them and us. Any who are drug,alcohol users are not told of the service.Their rule,not anyone elses – they make & enforce the rules themselves. Its a huge concern that, given DOCs success in pushing kids away from the safety net of the foodvans,and with a total absence of non-invasive places for them to get food & shelter their future is at a real risk crossroads. Prostitution,I’m sure,keeps more than 1 sheltered & fed. I’m sure some deal drugs -theres nothing acceptable for them in a society built to feed the insatiable greed of the baby boomer (my) generation. But the biggest pimp of the lot is DOCs whose agenda is to provide a cradle to the grave system for its NGO allies, using our children as profit units- evil bastards!!