Decidedly Downmarket

In our past lives,many of us heard the throwaway line “I wonder what its like to be homeless.”  Now, Homeless Community Direct offer you the unique chance to find out!

 Our “Homeless for a Day Challenge” is a 24 hour one on one (or one on two) guided tour through the life of a genuine homeless person in Sydney. Leave your credit card and preconceptions behind. Your tour guide will show you the real life of the homeless in Sydney,warts and all. You will dine in some of the most dedicated and decidedly undecadent establishments the city has, as well as sampling some of the ad hoc nosheries on offer. 

Locals, you thought you knew Sydney?? Think again!!!

Travellers and visitors, its the new Must Do Experience in Sydney!!! You know! Eiffel Tower in Paris, Statue of Liberty in New York, The Sugarloaf in Rio and Homeless for a day in Sydney. Travellers,our capacity to communicate is limited to a very few languages,but we can point!!!! 

 Oh,and one other thing.The fee you pay( about $150) includes tucker,24 hour guided tour, arranged sleepover in a typical homeless site.You may only take photos with permission,and permission is more often than not denied.

Take the first step in learning about homelessness by contacting;

Due to many considerations, service is available to medically fit adults 18 years of age and over.

The reader is warned that unforseen situations can and frequently do arise which may be hazardous and all participants are warned that while participation is strictly at their own risk.Clients are deemed to have been warned of and accept the risks and dangers, and hold SydneyHomeless and the individual guides indemnified.