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YouthWing Schoolies

#Sydney #Homeless #YouthWing. 23 Year 12 graduates are nearly all seriously engaged in creating a Schoolies legacy which each will remember, I hope,as a milestone marker and gateway to the real world. Six Youth Wingers have gone to The Gold Coast, some to Lennox Head while others have taken holiday houses near Nowra and Newcastle.The Newcastle group, whose YouthWing members have told their class why they stay with YouthWing even invited the entire YouthWing up to share a barbie. Reports filtering back of rages and rigorous rules in the Party Towns as one would expect -but others are enjoying bushwalks and beaches and showing the world that drugs and alcohol just don’t kick it in their timelines. Reports from a YouthWinger with a large Class Group in GC are that the group are somewhat sombre in the realisation that they will no longer share each others daily lives -well, theres FB of course.
3 elected to stay at Youth Wing and are generally out spending what they saved on outrageous holiday priced Schoolies accom.

Thanks to all who have contributed to making these kids lives better -and understanding the absolute need to keep Youth away from invasive, family and community wrecking Government


How to Recognize a Successful Homelessness Organisation.

Measure them by the decrease in homeless people in their area, who have been voluntarily assisted into a type of accommodation which the homeless person identifies as suitable.
Lets Put it this way.The organisation has existed for decades and been regarded as a fixer of homeless problems for all or much of that time.But homelessness increases in line with the organisations own expansion.Sorry,their strategy is not ending homelessness and may even contribute to the rise in homelessness.Put simply,it’s NOT WORKING and its time to look elsewhere for solutions and an organisation to assist with funding.To check further,the organisation should return 80% of its gross generated funds to housing or services which the homeless community in their area regard as useful.And don’t take the word of the “homeless” people they steer you to.
In Australia, Sydney Homeless do not recommend supporting Exodus Foundation, Uniting Church,Uniting Care,Wesley Mission, Mission Australia,The Smith Family,Anglicare,Missionbeat.


We hear the ping pong rhetoric from Australias Neanderthal Political leadership prattling jobs jobs jobs. We had eleven years of Abbots vision of jobs under Howard. Howard and his ilk marched to the mantra that workers are a mere tool in a bosses toolkit -there to be used as cheaply as possible and discarded. Howard hired professional poverty industry parasite Patrick McClure to marshall low income people into his #wageslavery and #bankslavery regime. Viewed from the fabled ivory towers of corporate and political power this system worked so well ( for business and bankers) that they awarded Patrick McClure the Order of Australia for his services to business.Not as you might expect from his then role as CEO of Mission Australia, services to marginalised people or communities.

Without diminishing the importance of sustainable jobs a significant percentage of jobs in Australia pay wages andsalaries which are not sustainable for workers. The minimum wage in Australia is $570 per week-for adults.From this, tax at 30% leaves $399 per week in nett income. Oh,low paid workers get tax back at the end of the year?? Minimum wage earners need the money now and should NOT be a free money lending service for greedy government. So, on their $399 per week where will they live? In the Sydney City Council area, only in social housing or substandard slum private housing. And if they’re dead lucky they might be able to afford a packet of lollies-their reward for 40 hours of #wageslavery.

Yes there are many homeless and other people who want to work-but not as slaves. And while there are legislative constraints on workers lobbying effectively for better pay, either businesses need to recognise their social obligation to pay sustainable incomes en masse or workers should consider alternative means of generating incomes.Like prostitution and drug dealing.Or cash in hand.

Our advice to workers who are in wageslavery roles is to not do anything to prevent your exploiter going broke. Australia doesn’t need bastards like that and you need that job like you need a ten ton anchor around your neck in a canoe race.

High Cancer Deaths and the Public Right To know

Theres an old saying -what you sow you reap. In the case of Cancer, the “high” death rate among cancer sufferers is directly attributable to what goes into the human body. Government and health bureaucrats perpetually blame smokers and have singled Australias Big Tobacco companies out, imposing the most draconian anti smoker taxes and measures anywhere in the world. But smoking is far from the sole cause of cancer. The chemical additives in virtually all processed foods along with workers exposure to toxins in the workplace are among the “other” causes of cancer.Little is done to lower the publics exposure to these causes of cancer or to inform the public of the risks. I look forward to the day when Food processors are forced to tell the public what additives are in their processed foods and what their vegetables and meat producing animals have been fed.The public deserve the right to make informed choices on these products too.

South Australia records 10 cancer deaths every day

Our Sydney Homeless and marginalised communities are among the higher risk categories where exposure to toxins is concerned. Lower paid occupations usually include workers whose health and safety are considered least by employers whose main consideration is bottom line, or in many cases, their personal survival. Low income groups also are able to exercise the least choice in consumption and usually choose the lowest cost foods-which happen to be the most chemically infused. For people on welfare, magnify this by five worldwide- and in Post Howard Australia,magnify this by ten.

The Govt Policy Auction begins

With the Federal Election a long way from decided and the auction has commenced in earnest. In an unnecessary rebuff to incoming WA MP Crook a WA Nationals member who has vowed to work as an independent in federal parliament, Julia Gillard has signalled that her deal with big end of town miners Rio, BHP Billiton and Xstrata is cast in concrete and not up for negotiation.But in an olive branch to the other independents the Prime Minister has signalled that all the election commitments she made to the people are negotiable. Its a clear indication of where Prime Minister Julia Gillards priorities are. Xstrata, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto certainly have her undivided attention to the extent that the Prime Minister is not prepared to reveal the full extent of her deal with them to the public – or even other lesser miners such as the publicly listed Fortescue, who must make financial decisions going forward without access to the full deck of cards as far as the mining super-tax is concerned.

For what its worth, we consider the mining super-tax to be grossly unfair for two reasons. Its effective date exempts the bulk of Xstrata – BHP Billiton – Rio Tinto operations from paying the tax, yet these companies have enjoyed long periods of huge profits, while the comparatively new projects of the “lesser miners” which will have to pay, are virtually greenfields. As we shift our focus more broadly its apparent that there are other businesses operating in Australia which also generate indecent super profits.Leading those are banksand other financial institutions, with Commonwealth recently reporting a 6 billion dollar profit.

Prime Minister Gillard could appease the WA member very easily by dropping the mining tax (on the condition that WA Govt removes its mining taxes) then apply a fairer broad spectrum super profits tax which applyies to all businesses. She could win Windsors approval by linking this tax to improving the Murray Darling water supply,even if this means buying water-hog Cubby Station (which I’d prefer to see nationalised without compensation). The Prime Minister could use some of the projected funds to hasten the deployment of NBN Broadband in the bush, a key Oakeshott Katter concern.

Tony Abbott is equally hungry for power and has put all his election promises on the chopping block in a naked grab for power.He has still not told the public what he will do if by some quirk of misfortune he is foisted on us as Prime Minister. Tony Abbott told us in May not to trust anything he says “unless he writes it.” Independent MPs would be well advised to get any commitments he makes carved in stone in front of the full bench of the Supreme Court.

….but what would I know… I’m just a homeless guy.

Election Possibilities

Neither The Coalition nor Labor have any right to claim a victory let alone a clear mandate and vindication of their policies. In preferring to run mirror image negative campaigns and virtually identical policies the two major parties effectively created the no-choice election.Neither leader is perceived as particularly competent, outstanding or honest.Both Parties adhere to the economic rationalist economy first people last mantra.The inevitable result is that the election result is too close to call-and in all probability a hung parliament. With independents and a lone Green lower house member holding the balance of responsibility. To get to the magical majority of 76 Lower House seats, either major party must reach an accommodation with two, or possibly three independents as a minimum. If this alone were the challenge we could reasonably expect a Coalition government with the support of the Oakeshott-Katter-Windsor block-all ex Coalition.But there is the further complication of Greens balance of responsibility in the Senate from July 2011. A Coalition government may well overcome this by ramming through all the legislation they need which will be unpalatable to the Greens, without much discussion.There would be little the opposition could do. The other diabolical possibility none of the experts have mentioned would deliver the strongest government-even after the inevitable defections from the respective parties.That is for the Coalition and Labor to form “a government of National Unity”.Abbott and Gillard as co-Prime Ministers perhaps with divided responsibilities. Both are that desperate for power. There is virtually identical policy already. Their corporate masters are the same, as are their economy first people last agendas. The final option possible is a Labor National Coalition, or even Labor Liberal or Labor LNP-the virtual demise of the current Coalition.Whatever outcome transpires the inevitable losers are the Australian people with marginalised people the biggest losers; indigenous and homeless the biggest losers of all.

Ausvotes : Your Vote WILL affect your Future.

@JuliaGillard crams election keywords into meaningless sentence.

Gillard says people need to focus on their jobs (STILL NO MENTION OF FAIRPAY), their children’s education (LABOR & COALITION HAVE TURNED SCHOOLS INTO REGURGITATOR FACTORIES.SAUDs LEADING A DOWNGRADE OF ACCEPTANCE OF AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITY STANDARDS), better health care (GET YOUR DRUGS ONLINE FROM DOCTOR VIRTUAL)and going forward (STILL NO DEFINITIVE OF WHERE FORWARD IS) into the future with conviction. If they think about these big issues before they vote – as well as broadband (what about Internet Filter) and climate (COMPARED TO CHINA SPAIN BRAZIL AND CHINA, AUSTRALIAN GOVT POSITION ON CLIMATE IS DENIAL) change – that’s all she asks.

We agree.Australians should consider all of above, but also

Human Rights:

Indigenous – Northern Territory Intervention required a suspension of Human Rights Act & castigated by UN Special Rapponteur James Anaya .

Human Rights:

Refugees – Although it is NOT illegal for undocumented people to come to Australia, there is bipartisan political animosity towards refugees especially from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.


The world accepted minimum standard to be met to ensure minimal human driven climate impact is 350 parts per million carbon emissions, AND 30% reductions of 1990 emissions levels.An ETS DOES NOT reduce emissions.Nor does a discussion between 150 people @JuliaGillard or anyone selects.The leading solution available in Australia is Beyond Zero  which will reduce Australias Energy Emissions to Zero in ten years. Support politicians who support this.

Affordability: Under the Howard-Abbott and Rudd-Gillard regimes real incomes have fallen due to draconian anti-worker restrictions on workers rights to lobby effectively for FairPay while allowing unrestrained price hikes by all sectors,including government.


Past Performance:

Labor won the 2007 elections on the key platforms of Climate Resolution and Resolving Homelessness.They have NOT done either.Nor will their current policies effect resolution of those issues.

The Coalition has a history of anti worker exploitative policies, placing the economy on a pedestal and environmental tokenism.Demonstrable duplicity examples include “never ever a GST” the children overboard lie” and Abbotts own statement.


On this basis our advisement is to not entrust control of Australias future to either of the major parties.It is essential that Greens, preferably with other parties,control the balance of responsibility in Senate. It is preferable to have the balance of responsibility in the lower house held by smaller parties or independents. But most importantly think before you vote.

Some interesting politicians and would be politicians on Twitter include:

@TurnbullMalcolm Liberal, member for Wentworth, supporter of Beyond Zero and committed to mitigating man-made Climate change. Integrity.Business sense.Economics credentials.Taxation Expert. Launched Oz-E-Mail.Vision. Our preferred Leader of Liberal Party bringing stability and researched timely policy to a shambolic Party. Said to have some insightful views on social housing also. We support him on the basis of his Beyond Zero support, but disagree strongly with his NBN position.

@leerhiannon Lee Rhiannon, Greens, seeking Senate list seat. Long term NSW Senator and activist known for supporting peoples, Green and marginalised groups. Didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to enter politics.Parents were well known political activists too. Counting on an excellent Green Senate vote to get over the line.

@burwoodgreen Christine Donayre, Greens Candidate Watson, current Burwood local body councillor.

@Julie_Gilmore Lead Senate Candidate for Carers Alliance Western Australia.

@SocialistAllnce The Socialist Alliance is a Broad Left Coalition active in promoting progressive policies and politics in Australia.

Other interesting Pollies Parties deserving consideration:

Greens looking a good indigenous choice in Northern Territory – Greens Indigenous candidates standing in Lingiari / NT senate combo

Bringing Sexy Back  Australian Sex Party Policies .

Bob Katter Independent Member for KennedyJust the opposite is true, Nothing will unless you do.” Well known and respected in huge electorate.Helps Farmers with farmwork while talking to them -Farming is time critical. His electorate covers controversial new Gas extractive area with imminent collision between Farming Green & Extractive interests. Not known for bullshit & intolerant of same. On song with local indigenous community and kept Sugar Ray Robinson in check. A key independent most unlikely to be unemployed post election but …Good luck,Bob.

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