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Protest Sydney Homelessness Industry

Housing Affordability   On June 5th a showcase of the Sydney Poverty Industry called Sydney Homeless Connect will roll out its annual Roadshow at the Sydney Town Hall. For what many regard as “Charities” and “Not For Profits” – organisations which represent themselves to a caring but gullible public and a cynical but cooperative government as “providing homelessness services” – Sydney Homeless Connect is an annual Fishing Competition with the aim being to entrap as many homeless as possible in a cycle of being shuffled from one marginalisation industry monetiser to the other -to drive revenues for the industry participants.

Sydney Homeless call on the Federal Government to immediately cease funding the disastrous inefficient failed $600 million a year  “The Road Home” Program which aims to spend $6.6billion in ten years to halve homelessness -from a completely unquantified index figure. In the about two and a half years since The Road Home was launched Homeless numbers in Sydney City have increased dramatically, despite a flawed Homeless Street Count Methodology. From the outset of the Programs rollout in Sydney City service providers prioritised mental health clients who had recently been tossed out of the Mental Health System – The Federal Government then used The Road Home, a 10 year $600 million a year Homelessness spend, to house those chronic mental health sufferers and claim a reduction in Health budget spending.

Under the Road Home, the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) heavily resources NGOs to provide mandatory “support services” of highly questionable value to clients. Services include much “counselling” and “training” which in practice burden clients with time and travel commitments and merely lead from one of these monetisation processes to the next – Monetising the marginalised.

Under The Road Home qualified Real Estate Agents are also able to raise rents on low quality slum properties to the maximum level Government will pay, while subsidising ex homeless clients. In effect this componemt of The Road Home actually raises rents of private properties. By doing so the Road Home becomes a driver raising the bar of Housing cost.

Sydney Homeless will Rally in Town Hall Square to Protest the Sydney Homeless Connect event to Protest this calculated waste of billions of taxpayers dollars and call for an end to The Road Home. The $600 million a year saved could be used maintaining single parents in their full time capacity as carers , a $700million cut in the Federal Budget.


How Taxpayers Fund #Wageslavery

   Under the guise of “helping unemployed” the Australian Federal Government continue to pay the bulk of Labour costs for some of Australia’s most parasitic bottom feeder businesses -and it costs you a bundle!! Continuing the program put in place by the pro-exploiter anti-worker then Howard Coalition Government, Rudd / Gillard Labor continue to offer (via Centrelink partners ) huge payments which effectively subsidise “employment”, often at Greenfields negotiated rates contrived before any real employees are present, for up to three months. Of course, as any capitalist thinking solely of how to maximise profit would do, at the expiry of the funded period, simply fire the no longer subsidised “worker” , ring the Job Network member and get another subsidised worker. Too easy.

  Such practices are exploitative of workers, unemployed and taxpayers alike. They do not solve unemployment rather, they at best allow manipulation of statistics by cycling already marginalised people through further degrees of marginalisation in order to gain an advantage for both the exploiter and the Job Network Agency, which receives a hefty “success” fee paid by your tax dollars courtesy of FAHSCIA -or whatever the department is called this week.    

 The practice, believed to be commonplace among minimum wage industries, is onerous for hapless workers who are often left worse off by the altered unsustainable economics. A further stab at their confidence and morale is inevitable when, usually within 2 weeks of expiration of subsidies, they are laid off- often on a pretext contrived by the employer which leaves the hapless worker penalised by Centrelink .

NSW and Queensland Floods Appeal Warning Updated

  The main appeal launched by Premier Anna Bligh does not inform the public countries, States and corporates who have so far donated in excess of $30million, what those donations will be spent on. Remarkably, several governments and corporates have weighed in with hefty donations on the basis of trust . I have not ever witnessed so successful a leveraging of a disaster on a “Trust Me” basis. I cannot say that Premier Bligh will do the wrong thing, and neither can donors because she has NOT said what the funds will be used for. Research and development of a flood prevention strategy,using Labor Party hack consultants? Probably not, but if she chose to ,it would have to be acceptable. How many donors to the Victorian BushFires Appeal were a little miffed to find Funds subverted to cover the cost of an investigation?

 It seems from Premier Bligh’s website that the funds will be managed by Australian Red Cross. What percentage will they retain in “management or other fees?” The donating public deserve to know. We know that Red Cross run their own “Poverty Relief Appeal” yet know of no meaningful work they do in that area. In fact, their Australian operations are increasingly a business.

 In general, Give in kind, not in cash.

Exception: Rural Fire Services , State Emergency Services , St Johns Ambulance , Small local charities (not subsidiaries of larger organisations) which you know personally.

 In kind donations allow you to give with a reasonable assurance that your well meaning gift will not be subverted to suit some manager or politicians ulterior agenda. If you are a business, consider what your business might do to support the people affected by this disaster.

We know Aussies and many others will be overwhelmed by gestures of goodwill directed at the victims, and there will be many, of the Queensland and NSW Floods. We ask that before donating especially to Government and mainstream Charity Appeals PLEASE CONSIDER WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE CASE OF SIMILAR APPEALS.

 In the Haiti Earthquake Appeal just 12 months ago a generous worldwide public donated a whopping $US12 Billion to Appeals which they thought would support the unfortnuate people displaced by that disaster. Reports soon began surfacing of a United States Military orchestrated subversion of that Aid, under the control of its CIA front US Aid ,to suit the military industrial and political expedience of the USA. The people today live in dangerous squalid camps or crudely constructed housing which certainly will not survive a further earthquake should those unfortunate residents of Port au Prince ever experience another earthquake.

 In Australia The Victorian bushfires Appeal raised $391 million. The Fund, administered by the Victorian Government’s department  of Human Services has been used to fund government programs – including the Bushfire Inquiry and future bushfire mitigation strategies- Not what Public donors had in mind at all .and doled out so slowly and mean spiritedly that many whom the fund was donated to provide relief for were forced to live in totally inappropriate accommodation like leaky second hand caravans-at commercial rental rates- for extended periods. The major application of these funds by government has in place of the services which the public expect in return for the high rates of tax Australians are forced to pay. The Salvation Army. originally asked to use its existing accounts for that appeal, are said to have demanded between 25% and 30% of the gross amount as a “service fee.” Quite outrageous.

  Countless organisations ,most of which maintain but a tenuous link if at all to homelessness never-the-less see fit to raise funds for themselves using the name of homeless people -very little-as little as 5% of the funds reaches the homeless communities or people in a form we asked for, or identify as useful. Meanwhile the organisations collecting funds blossom and boom.Sydney Homeless don’t know of a single fundraising Charity or NFP organisation which genuinely works to end homelessness. Most use our people as stepping stones to elevate themselves in the eyes of the media.

  Fading memories of the Asian Tsunami Disaster are clouded by the same issues surrounding inappropriate use of the publics generously donated funds by many relief agencies active there.

  We ask that you check in advance precisely how the funds will be spent before donating to any appeals.  Broad expansive and vague lines like “It all gets spent directly on the people” are as credible and believable as Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott at election time. In this age where political doublespeak is the currency of successful election campaigns duplicitious Fundraising by Charities Parasitic NGOs and Governments are a winner for their greedy calculating directors. Be careful

Pigs killing civilians okay but not people defending vs Pigs

    Two completely different spins by mediocre pro-police mainstream Australian media over the last two days. In Melbourne a pig gives evidence to an inquest whose role is to exonerate police in the execution killing of a teenager . Despite having access to unlimited resources to subdue the teenager, this pig felt so threatened that he had to cold bloodedly kill the teenager.  The incident should reinforce to teenagers, families communities and the Australian public that people are not safe anywhere in Australia -and the greatest threat to people (particularly teens ) is gung ho often steroid stoned pigs, funded by your tax money… heres how the Sydney Morning Herald saw the unravelling story today.

 Just yesterday the mainstream media was a waterfall of sympathy for a Kings Cross female pig “badly bashed” by a guy some time ago. Kings Cross Police have a reputation for victimising youth and defenceless people as career stepping stones. They are well known too for orchestrating beatups on homeless people and communities as well as social housing tenants in the Kings Cross Local Area Command region. Unlike the many executed by police over the years she didn’t die. But the guy who was found guilty of bashing her was sentenced to 21 years jail. Many who had been accosted by this particular pig thought he deserved a medal. Youth from the area were cheering when it happened, when they found out whom it happened to. Heres how the mainstream media saw that one .

  Sydney Homeless view police as Taxpayer funded racist community terrorists whose role is to take rights away from people and give them to churches and wealthy exploiters.NSW Police engage in many levels of racist community terrorism.It is widely known that NSW Police were responsible for orchestrating constant streams of class A drugs into the Redfern Aboriginal Community known as the block since the 1970s with the purpose of de politicizing that community. It is no secret that most of the ICE -the most evil drug with the most devastating consequences -distributed in Sydney is green flagged to certain areas and people by police. Police are known to be the source of many malicious and false reports which culminate in children being State Abducted. Many of us remember having our wallets taken for ID checks by police and having them returned stripped of cash. Others recall gangs of cops bashing them (while handcuffed) in cells. Some are related to or know someone who was killed by pigs. So yes,on the rare occasion when a NSW police officer is killed, we celebrate.

On Bail Terms, UK ,NSW & Wikileaks Assange

  In light of the recent bail refusal to Wlikleaks founder Julian Assange by British Courts , the subsequent granting of bail, then revocation subject to Swedish government appeal, it is worth noting that in Australia, bail is no longer a right or foregone conclusion. In fact, severely restrictive bail conditions are often used by police as a mischevious or vindictive means of interfering with peoples freedom, employment and families, when police simply lack evidence. They arrest and lay charges safe in the knowledge that there is no penalty for laying charges without foundation. This pattern of arrests has become a norm and many regular Sydney Homeless people are often adversely affected by falsified charges, many of which are withdrawn at a subsequent hearing- in many cases six months later. We have been notified of mulitple instances of bail refusal following false arrests. False arrests and bail refusals detrimentally affecting working families to the extent that they lose their homes incomes and even children – to State Child Abduction – on the whim of a NSW Police Pig. Usually the people concerned are from low-income backgrounds AND from indigenous or ethnic communities -communities who have learned to hate and distrust State Police and rightly regard them as a State Funded racist organisation, whose aim is to terrorise those communities so as to impose anglo “values” under the disguise of  “Australian.”  

  NSW incarceration rates per capita of population are now comparable with the highest rates in the world. While no definitive statisical analysis of the percentage of “bail refused” persons whose charges (in particular those for which bail was refused) are either withdrawn or dismissed by courts , according to prison visitors and those released from the NSW gulag , somewhere in the order of one-third of those refused bail are not found guilty. They neither have recourse for damages nor for the damage done such as loss of jobs homes children.

   Often these malicious charged are manufactured in conjunction with Human Services division DOCs ( now Communities NSW) and to a lesser extent NSW Housing to engineer a particular community outcome as desired by those agencies -irrespective of what the community want.

 In supporting Julian Assange’s right to his freedom and expressing our impression that charges against him are most likely a persecutory US orchestrated vendetta for telling the truth, we are conscious of the need to draw the Australian and international publics attention to the anti-freedom Bail Gulag which exists in Australia -hugely beneficial to the most racist and monocultural police force on earth and detrinental to those who will not stand for State repression.

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