This article is just the latest in a horror sequence of on-going family travesties foisted on often helpless families by an over resourced , gung ho NSW Government department where hypocrisy and lies are the currency of success.

The oft trotted out “DOCs have a hard job” heard from Liberal and Labor politicians gives lie to the bipartisan support this agency of family repression have. But in truth this department enjoyed a budget of $Au1,568,300,000 in the 2009-2010 financial year. A paltry sum perhaps to the ivory tower dwellers whose Marie Antoinette perspective of the world causes so many family tragedies; but a monumental club with which to beat those who dare to question this christian centred anglophile autocracy into bankruptcy poverty and submission. If that amount is considered inconsequential “in the wider scheme of things, then add the fact that the added support of Health, Police,The Directorate of Public Prosecutions, Childrens Court Clinicians and Education are all placed at the exclusive disposal of these Family Fascists. Exclusive meaning that these government organs are mandated and legally obliged to provide assistance to DOCs (not the child in question ) .

This in stark contrast to the often hapless parents and children persecuted by DOCS. DOCs immediately sieze the children in question, not because they are in any imminent danger, but to serve DOCs malicious persecutory purposes more effectively. From the minute a child is #StateAbducted, they are legally no longer in parental custody-and parents no longer have access to medical or school records. Doctored forms of these records or answers framed by DOCs workers given to health and education professionals often appear as “mandatory reports” in Childrens Court proceedings, but parents or their counsel aren’t allowed to know who made the allegation. Unlike most other Conventional Courts, but in common with Abu Ghraib and Guantanano Bay, the Evidence Act does not apply, and there is an intuitive attachment of guilt until proven innocent.Have your own business?? You can afford counsel?? No problem.DOCS and the DPP don’t try to win those ones in Court– they simply keep seeking adjournments.They have all the time in the world.Their caregivers are immunised to the nightly screams and sobbings of your homesick children by the money they get.$600 per child per week. But that pales in comparison to the Case Management NGO, whose best interests are served by keeping the child for as long as they possibly can…for ten times what the carers get!!

NSW abounds with broken families mischeviously destroyed, family relationships and trusts forever broken as the children become mere pebbles on politicians bureaucrats NGO management and staffs pathway to power or wealth. One of the saddest examples I can recall is a recent DOCs case manager, herself taken as a small child and raised to believe that her Peruvian descended parents were bad parents, incapable of caring for her. I met her father recently-she never has. She has never heard his version, or that her mother committed suicide, grief-stricken, when she was told via a court interpreter that she would never see her beautiful daughter again. I have been over the papers which the father has retained in pristine condition these past 28 years. The sole crime of these parents from court documents appears to have been a lack of understanding of english language-or culture. These people mistakenly believed that,like their own culture, the English culture of Australia was and is honest fair and just. It was none of those things 28 years ago, and is not one of those things today.I have seen the 4 photos of the beautiful baby they secreted when DOCs demanded all photos and documents.  Today that beautiful baby Stateabducts other peoples beautiful babies- often based on the same malicious lies DOCs told in her court case; with the same type of Judge who decrees that police DOCs and other government officials cannot possibly tell lies and civilians cannot possibly tell the truth.

Gazetting of the NSW Childrens and Young Persons Care and Protection Act 1998 emboldened the state-child-abductors and weakened the publics ability to defend against a department whose powers actually exceed those of Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler or Kopassus .  While masquerading as the protector of children, these State Terrorists are in reality a Force used to coercively manage especially ethnic and indigenous communities with the odd anglo family thrown in as window dressing. While physically and visibly engaging in the repression of families who refuse to buckle to the “Capitalist Right of the Great White Way” their real purpose is to drive fear into others of those communities who watch in horror as affluence is suddenly replaced with poverty because the family chose to show disobedience to government.

When the Boy in a Suitcase incident forced the then Iemma Labor Government to run for the cover of yet another Royal Comission, they neatly set the terms of reference to prioritise the protection of DOCs, NOT as one would have imagined,the protection of children, or families in whose name these squillionaire mercenaries function. And the Woods Royal Commission delivered in spades. Greater protections for DOCs,  and substantially less for families. In the post Woods report variant, NSW Police , widely rated among ethnic and indigenous communities as the most monocultural (Yes,Anglo, masquerading as Australian) and racist (The whiter you are the righter you are) in the world, received the right to prosecute or deal with children under 15 for the first time- despite being at the time, and remaining completely ill equipped to deal appropriately with children. Schools Health and Medical Services were given new “interventionist” or anglo-centric coercive invasive powers and became virtual spy agencies,with the current result that many Asian Arabic African Pacific and Indigenous Families no longer trust schools or medical services.. this includes several levels of my own family, in one instance seeing fit to take their children offshore to the relative safety of a country where bombings are commonplace, but people and governments are still honest.

What we are addressing at State and Federal levels is no less than a violation of human rights and The Rights of Children -by the very people you entrust to act in their best interests. Please read this article; Just replace the name Caucescus with Indigenous and Romania with Australia… then understand that this has been the aboriginal experience since the 1800s … a slow community debilitating genocide perpetrated against Australia’s indigenous Families Children and Communities. Know that todays version is known federally as “The Northern Territory Intervention”. At State level, its pure child stealing. Know that this also happened to Young innocent mums in England, as their children were seized and spirited away to become bedwarmers for paedophile Priests, Servants of Farmers and brides of the outback- if they were lucky. Yes this country should certainly be held in high regard on its treatment of children… heres an example of how our Australian Government treats children in countries its helping… like Afghanistan.

Nothing will change without change management at all levels of Government, because that is where the problems start. Government attempts to insert their bureaucracy driven desires in priority to good family values have been abject failures worldwide. Rather than spend billions of your tax dollars in the vain hope that the sour milk of a rancid cow will become more palatable, we must rid ourselves of the entire bureaucracy.. with prosecutions of individuals at all levels and punishments ranging to seizure of all assets, suspension of all rights. The people who work in or in support of DOCs today are no less culpable or guilty of Child-Trafficking and Genocide than Duce or Pol Pot. They inflict often generations of suffering on families and must suffer the consequences,in peoples trials where the evidence, or other legal constraints don’t apply.No more no less than they foisted on the Australian people – from Ministers Linda Burney and Jenny Macklin to the cleaners- because they knew and said nothing.

A warning to Julia Gillard, Kristina Keneally, Macklin and Linda Burney… you can run,but you can’t hide and the people will not forgive.Ms Gillard should understand that concept more than some might