“Lies, damned lies, says jobs survey ” Reads the Sydney Morning Herald Headline (and they’re right)

To find out if theres a culture of  “lying to get ahead(or anywhere)” we looked back and found a common thread to an old acquaintance, a Mr Patrick McClure and his claimed solution to unemployment and other social ills – outsourcing government contracts to NGOs. These NGOs, lead by his then employer Mission Australia then proceeded to reap hundreds of millions of dollars in “success fees” from the “business” of providing “services” and “training” support to Newstart Claimants (and collecting data for other government departments along the way.) as a Job Network Employment Agent.

Patrick McClure ex CEO of Mission Australia,author of wageslavery McClure Reprot

We have had reports for some years from people who have been encouraged to lie and in some cases coerced, under threat of losing their benefit entitlements, if they did not. Two agencies, then Rudd spouse owned Work Directions Australia and Mission Australias Mission employment featured most prominently, but were by no means alone. The most memorable and common for us is the comparative “white lie” of age deception, where an age guidance is specified, and the applicant does not meet that guidance. Other examples of deception by omission instructions in resume writing are common according to our research today, with Job Network Staff still telling people to leave out age, not mention that they had been in jail.

Before anyone accuses us of another opportunistic attack on beleagured impoverished Mission Australia, with whom most accept we share neither lunch nor love, lets stand back and take a broader perspective. We are going all the way back to 2001 – When John Howard was sooo close to losing the coming election until he told us all as we sat slack jawed before our square boxes about the Children overboard incident . That byline on his resume for a continuance as Prime Minister got him elected -and it was a lie.

And we don’t mean to be partisan – Kevin Rudd Labor told you in 2007 that they would address Homelessness – that wasn’t true either. Federal Labor spent or promised $6.6billion to be spent on government and NGOs with the scraps which may fall devolving as homeless assistance… and they didn’t tell you that its highly conditional either. Oh and ask Federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Jenny Macklin how her SIHIP aboriginal housing project is going.

Having a new home built?? Or worse, an apartment? Did the salesman or builder tell you that the workmanship and materials are designed to just outlast the builders guarantee?? Of seven years?? And that you will still have another twenty three years of payments to go when the repairs start needing extra money..from you??

Did the retailer who sold you your U beaut new jeans tell you about the inferior quality stitching on the right inside thigh which is designed to separate after just seven washes?? Of course not

Did Woolworths tell you that the Tomatoes you thought were fresh because “Woolies are the fresh food people” might actually have been kept under nitrogen storage in the P&O Coldstores in Homebush??

I almost forgot, but as its election time again in vilifying so many distardly liars I should praise Tony Abbott as I rarely have the opportunity to, for telling the truth. Admirable!!

And just so that this won’t be dismissed as another  boring blog about politicians, politics and poverty… well…you DO trust the media, don’t you?