Sydney Homeless Youth Wing.

As many of our current Youth Wing peepz prepare for some serious Partying on the Gold Coast and in other climes..oh,after some nerve wracking final exams, its time to look at some of last years Year 12 Youth Wing.Names have been pseudynommed as per our policy of protecting Youth Wing members and their families from the unwanted and unwarranted incursions of family fascists NSW DOCs or whatever Linda Burney calls them this week.

Trevor is doing a plumbing apprenticeship with a plumbing company which specialises in apartment block developments and maintaining his online activities.

Jennifer has a desk job with a city accounting practice, looking to move up to EVP -shes doing Media & Arts on the side.

Jerry works in a warehouse while doing a logistics management degree with aspirations of working in logistics aid.

Marcie is full time online, has a nice apartment in World Square and is developing her passion for travel.She also does some liaison work with families & current Youth Wing peepz.

Drew is thinking about quitting his job in a bank for more interesting prospects with an IT house..back living happily with supportive parents & family.

Our Youth Wing is a simple self managed alternative for young people,run, co-ordinated and filtered by young people. Our vision is that Youth Wing will become self autonomous and self perpetuating as a place for Young People who want or need a break without the vagaries of couch surfing or the invasiveness of DOCs.

A special thank you to all the anonymous business donors whose support makes Youth Wing possible manageable and successful.You know who you are,and why we can’t say…but psst!! We do in other ways 🙂

A special holler out also to the appreciative parents who have organised various events and outings for Youth Wing -Your support appreciated too…