#ozvote  Surprising few, Australia’s small miners, lead by the influential founder of Fortescue Andrew Forrest will relaunch the Miners Campaign opposing Labors super miners tax. Despite Gillards assertion of a resolution, the facts are that Gillard Labor has colluded with the three big miners to deliver them distinct commercial advantages which amount to privileges which the rest of the sector do not enjoy. In line with Labors government-in-secret style, they have refused to allow the smaller miners access to commercially information regarding this policy going forward, while allowing BHP Billiton, Xstrata and Rio Tinto inside knowledge. At the very least,this allows the big three to make safe commercial decisions going forward,armed with the surety of knowing what government strategies are, exactly.

 This is Labor at its secretive spindoctoring worst and indicative of how shabbily federal government treats all but the very elites of the business and political bubblesphere

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