Services provided by ex coppers or DOCs workers.

 We have become aware of some organisations with ex-police and ex-DOCs workers now employed in various roles. These people and agencies have always had the repression of homeless and marginalised people as their objective and we see no reason that this might change.They probably are there in undercover type roles to collect information for use by their departments against you, or your community generally.

Youth Services; We are constantly amused by a particular and well known youth services organisation who each weekend drive their charges to see their drug dealer… that is the only time any Youth Service has raised more than our ire. Under the NSW Childrens and Young Persons Care and Protection Act 1998  and its attendant legislations these DOCs contractors collect information on children,youth and families. Information which is then used to steal children and place them in the nebulous ,highly exploitative and ( for NGOs) lucrative nether world of State Care or what we call State abduction. 

Jobs available…

Just in today, 5  jobs for people with greencards, if you have traffic control tkts even better, all in Sydney CBD.. must be homeless AND Australian RESIDENTS… sorry,we don’t pass on jobs to backpackers… 

Shonky Cleaner… theres a shonky cleaning contractor who seems to specialise in post tenancy residential office & shop clearouts. Described as “Indian” but he may be Pakistani Bengali Lankan etc as most Aussies don’t know the difference.Gets guys to do cleanouts for him then disappears.Has Called himself Max or Dave that we know… watch out for him.

Homeless (or at risk of homelessness) in Sydney ?? How about this for a job??  Must be fit healthy presentable, courteous and able to ride a bike. Starting end of August.

Asian Homeless in Sydney City: For Vietnamese Mandarin Khmer Tagalog and Indonesian people. homeless groups in Sydney… connect through us… @SydneyHomeless