For more than a decade now, a very powerful, organisation has been portrayed to the public as a largely bumbling, usually inept and under resourced organisation.Yet if legislation currently before NSW Parliament takes effect, that organisation will have more powers available to it than Hitlers infamous Sturmabteilung (Stormtroopers), and near parity with the dreaded Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. It is a today highly persecutory organisation which embarked about 15 years ago, on a path of terrorising and blackmailing families, parents, ethnic minorities and most of all aboriginal people.

Parrallelling the growth of Hitlers Sturmabteilung and the transition of citizen terrorism to the Schutzstaffel (SS) in the aftermath of the night of the long knives, this organisation is evolving from terrorising and blackmailing families, and the NSW Labor controlled Parliament is considering giving them the role of regulating licensed venues- with the same draconian style of powers which they continue to deploy with impunity, mainly against the lesser educated and financially challenged sectors of society.

As if competing with Herr Goebbels, Hitlers propoganda strategist, without the slightest hint of irony, this NSW government department was recently renamed NSW Communities  – Because their previous brand ” Department of Childrens Services / Department of Community Services ” was viewed with the same revulsion by the NSW public as the mother found guilty of killing the defenceless 2 year old aboriginal child DOCS failed to protect, in highly disturbing “Boy in a suitcase” murder.For those unfamiliar with the case, the mother repeatedly asked DOCs to take the child back to his grandmother, where he had lived previously AND that he was at risk of harm from her. For their own undisclosed reasons,DOCs refused to remove him-with fatal consequences. In line with what appears to be universal Labor Party Government strategy, the NSW government appointed a special commission of inquiry- but the Woods inquiry was castrated by the narrow terms of reference , perhaps exacerbated by the mindset for which Justice Woods was known, and the basis upon which he was selected. Despite the rhetoric of Retired Justice Woods (that the Inquiry would be wide-ranging) its terms of reference were extremely narrow.The Inquiry did not look at the impacts of the legislation, upon families and children, or whether(outside of the cosy, monetised world of DOCs / NGO arrangements, the delivered services were even desirable. Instead, the Woods Report looked at how DOCs image could be better protected from ridicule and criticism.

The NSW Parliament took this report and turned DOCs into a primarily persecutory role. Teachers, Police and Health workers were given the slightly less onerous option of providing ” mandatory reports “, as compared with their previous position, of being required to generate these reports.

Police were given extra powers to criminalise youth who show leadership qualities not in keeping with the anglo mould. As they have done previously especially with aboriginal youth. Educators,or some would say Neocon propagandists are given wider authority to impose their industrialist serving brand of learning or subjugation upon even the most unwilling children and young people.

Parents, many reeling under the post 1998 #stateterrorist intrusions into their families, but most blissfully unaware have had their rights to control consequences abrogated by a bunch of childless graduates of  family invasion training units which deliver mindless, callous miscreants as caseworkers in the anti-family DOCs system.In short,their right to exert authority over their children has been taken away by university driven fascists who determine that the rebranding of Anglo as Australian has precedence even over family. In the current post Woods era, parents now also risk penalties for “transgressions” committed by the same children and youth whom the State took away a parents right to control.

Oh, they appointed some 23 year old uni graduates to advise on correct parenting? What would they know? Go bring your own kids up.

While some teachers and Health workers are known to be relieved at the change to a voluntary status, other teachers have taken to actively telling students and parents at exactly what level a discussion might go, before it triggers a mandatory report. It might seem reasonable for “mandatory reports ” to exist. If they were generated purely on the basis of genuine child abuse , and the resulting proceedings produced a safer, happier life for the child, I would not be writing this. These reports are invariably used by DOCs in a Court where you are not entitled to know who your accuser is. As the accused are not entitled to know who the accuser is, Parents Families Youth and the courts are denied the natural justice right to test the veracity of the accuser. Many accusations emanate from frustrated police officers, when parents refuse to lie down and be jackbooted into their racist perception of where “the line” is. These reports are known to have been maliciously generated simply because parents tell children not to trust police (or, pigs). There are many sound reasons to give your children this information.

This departments history is littered with a litany of Government child abuse,and abuse of youth parents, ethnicities,aboriginals, process and power. It’s strong alliances with Catholic Church (itself widely reported to be riddled with systemic paedophilia) are well known.Yet society judiciary and politicians turn a blind eye to their horrifying past, and lead a gullible public to presume that “its all in the past.”

What can we do:

The time for rhetoric and talking is over. Labor and The Coalition have a bipartisan pact of family intrusion to legitimise the Anglofication of “Brand Australia.” You are asked to ditch your culture,excepting of course the authorised aspects, and give over control of its reperpetuation to the Anglophile Colonist State. Aboriginal people are bullied to abandon the oldest culture on earth for “the light of the great white way.”

  • It is your duty to your grandchildren to stand against #stateterrorism of families. You do so by not acting as blind obedient dogs in the service of the state master.
  • It is your duty to your grandchildren to stand against #stateabduction of children. You do so by speaking out against the Northern Territory Intervention, and State Child Abductions by your State Child Protection Agency.
  • It is your duty to your grandchildren to keep your culture,or cultures, intact. Your traditional culture, not some sanitised version which these Anglos masquerading as Australian accept.
  • If you are in the Canterbury State Electorate,your duty is to vote against Linda Burney, the NSW Minister for DOCs
  • Be aware that your tax money funds this repression.