Parasites Paradise Parade Sydney Town Hall Tomorrow

10am to 3pm

Don’t forget, homeless people, theres a Parasites Paradise tomorrow at Sydney Town Hall, from 10am to 3pm. All the parasite government departments will be there looking for your name to add to the list of profit units their business generates money from.Oh, and for YOUR security and peace of mind, there WILL be plain clothes police protecting the venue and just in case you thought you had something to fear from them, they will probably be carrying out spot warrant checks via their dial-up hookups who will conduct these away from the venue when you leave.Mustn’t detract from the sanitised camera image.

Theres Free Food, Free Clothes.Unlike the free warrant checks,where you won’t have a choice, you will not be forced to eat or take clothes.

The high priest of homeless events (or certainly this one) told NGO & gov peeple (they’re not REAL people) “its not about what they (homeless) get out of it,but what you take away from it…” We think the man tells the truth on a multiplicity of levels.

Why does it happen just once?

A: well, the tax year is about to end, about four months before Federal Labor’s use by date and about 290 odd days before the NSW Labor Fourth Reich implement their exit strategy. The end of the tax year is significant because thats when all the commercial parasites who benefit enormously from the exploitative workplace housing and retail ripoffs government allow them to legally perpetrate on us, get to decide where their taxes are going. And its time for those billion dollar a year corporations which masquerade as charities to put their hand up, and get all that money.In our name.But most of it will be frittered away again,in our name, on side issues (such as mental health) when whats needed is housing or non invasive housing alternatives.

What you can do.

Ask Housing NSW how many new social housing they have planned in the Sydney 2000 Postcode.Then ask them how many they’ve sold.

Be nice to media types present and make sure to help them out with questions for the NGOs too.

Ask  NSWCommunities (DOCs) how many families they have broken up via AVOs and #statechildabductions in the past year.

Oasis YSN. Ask how many cases involving the #stateabduction of newborn babies from first time mothers they have been involved with as DOCs information providers in the past two years – and how much they are paid per child/youth per week as “case managers”. Ask how their policies solve homelessness,and why they are there.

Neami. Ask how many houses they themselves have available to allocate for Sydney City Homeless, then ask how many homeless they have attempted to collect information from. This will give you an insight into why they exist.

Our policy when attending: Tell them nothing.we are there to ask questions and have a Free Feed… not give them information.

Oh -and their very expensive business cards (courtesy of the Road Home budget,again) said everyone invited.. so

Backpackers – Tourists – FREE FOOD – SYDNEY TOWN

HALL 10am to 3 pm Tuesday 8th June 2010.