As with most p there is no one size fits all solution.

There are stakeholders.We need identify whom homelessness is a problem for,and whether their concerns merit consideration.

Not all homeless people see homelessness as a problem-some see the lifestyle as a solution.That is their choice. For the majority who are not homeless by choice, their concerns merit consideration.

Local bodies, government at all levels and their attendant charities and NGOs claim to be stakeholders. Each must be assessed on the basis of its effectiveness in solving homelessness in a non invasive,homeless driven manner, and separated completely from the equation where they do not do so.

Those wishing to provide clip on services unrelated to housing are part of the problem,not part of the solution.They draw resources away from the provision of affordable social housing.


Government: Federal

Legislation is required placing an onus of social housing delivery on the property development industry and Tax disincentives to invest in residential property,other than for home ownership purposes. This will probably have the short term effect of driving property values downwards;legislation needs to preclude and void possible homeowner foreclosures triggered by devaluation of properties.Pre existing home loans must also be adjusted downwards in value if as expected,prices fall.

Equitable Incomes are the cornerstone of exiting marginalisation.They are not achievable when government unreasonably constrains workers from effectively campaigning for livable incomes.

Government State:

legislate 2.5% levy on all property development.In residential or part residential complexes, levy MUST be in residential floorspace, rated on the gross floor area of the development. Commercial & Industrial developments 2.5% levy MUST provide social housing in the postcode where the development occurs-or be retained for social housing if no clients identified for that postcode.

State Housing: All social housing units must be available for 90year lease to all tenants. Only Housing purchases to be funded from levy.

This cost effective mixture will work for tax payers too.


Don’t die waiting for above to happen.Get out and improve your economic position,within or without the system. Taking #wageslavery minimum wage jobs or volunteering for charities is NOT a solution for you.Its a solution for greedy exploiters. Contact us @SydneyHomeless