Several applicants for Neami ‘s previously offered jobs miffed as Neami continue to reveal yet more requirements, and, after they have collected peoples information, informing applicants that they will be conducting police checks.

 This is the same duplicitous style of engagement which has fast earned a lot of NGOs the loathing of the street community,and Neami are no different.

 Their contract gives them just 25 houses per year. Given the staff levels they seem to be rolling out, this is the most expensive housing option we’ve seen. Justification seems to be that they specialise in accomodating mental health patients. Fine, this is therefore a Health issue, not housing. Is this a cynical attempt to make the Health picture prettier at election time by claiming success in Mental Health management, on the basis that these clients have exited the Health System? Just a bookkeeping excercise? If so, it is one which will prevent most homeless getting social housing..