Sydney Homeless Youth Wing report swelling numbers of Homeless Youth in the Sydney CBD – in situations where its too late for us to help. Many are dropping out of school and unsurprisingly turning to selling drugs, doing “earns” or “fissicking”- as a means of survival. The reasons for this rejection of “values” are stunningly simple. Summarised in one word. #Wageslavery. Multinational conglomerates and some of the largest Australian public companies make an art form of exploiting young people-made to work like slaves for pittance payments, which government assist these vulture businesses to enforce. Many working youth are forced to couch surf as do many of Sydneys homeless workers.The billions of dollars they declare as profit in their inevitably glowing annual reports are the nett result of Systematic wageslavery – controlled by callous Governments both Liberal-Coalition and Labor at State and Federal levels.

A major failure of the

The SydneyHomeles Youth Wing has a growing pool of young adults who successfully reconnected with their communities.As luck would have it, a few come from communities- neglected comunities – in the NSW Human Services / NSW Communities / DOCs Minister Linda Burney’s electorate. They have put the suggestion forward that they campaign against Minister Linda Burney in … and are resourcing to do so. They,along with their friends and supporters, will campaign I believe with friends who have been in DOCs care… and are willing to tell their stories, gag orders or not.

For those (of any age) wishing to join the

“Canterbury: Sack Linda Burney as your MP”

campaign please get in touch via this post comments, or via @SydneyHomeless on Twitter.

We especially encourage ex-DOCs case-workers, case-managers, Parents and ex-DOCs-Care people to submit their DOCs horror story – for use as a public information tool.Names will only be used with your permission.