How City of Sydney and NSW Govt drive #Wageslavery

The City of Sydney recently changed rubbish contractors, with Transurban subsidiary URM the successful bidder.Transurban immediately offered the previous contractors collections staff jobs-with longer hours-for $200 per week less pay. They were reportedly using fewer trucks as well meaning harder work for fewer staff on less money. With the ever escalating property values in Sydney, goes an ever rising pool of council rates. We note that most City Councillors are on salaries in several multiples of the wages the City Garbos get. Is the councillors job really that much more important? If you think so, contact us,with your phone number and address and we’ll arrange for your rubbish to be left for a month.If you haven’t changed your mind by the months end you’re right and we’re wrong.

The City of Sydney and NSW State Government BOTH need to ensure that staff employed by new contractors are paid the same,or better wages than paid by the previous contractor.

before the Liberal/Labor orchestra of empathy commences its chorus of approval … Sydneys Local Electricity Underground Maintenance is subcontracted,largely to a company called Subakette. They in turn use a contractor called Australian Traffic Management to provide Traffic Control Services. I’ve taken to meeting and greeting these companies crews, and in 2 years have yet to find an Australian Citizen.Most are Irish or Pommy Backpackers. Paid,ultimately,by Taxpayers dollars -that would be your money.Many of our homeless community have Traffic Control Tickets, but those who have called have all met a polite but firm refusal. Why are State Government Corporations hiring only backpackers? Is that what the stimulus package was intended to fund??

We advocate for #payequity – equitable sustainable pay capable of supporting and advancing the worker in the area where they are working.Not the wageslavery rates Howard finessed, Rein profited from and Rudd kept.

City of Sydney

Many of the City of Sydneys ratepayers depend on a pool of surplus low cost labour.The Hospitality, retail and many service industries provide many examples of such labour requirements. The City would accumulate a developer funded (tax deductible) pool of owned properties, whose maintenance could be undertaken by Council Works. They should also gain control of State owned social housing in their catchment.

With the many wageslavery reliant exploiter employers in Sydney City, the City of Sydney has a duty of care to ensure that those workers have choices of affordable and appropriate properly maintained housing within The City of Sydney Catchment. This could be implemented in every council area by making developers (residential commercial & industrial) contribute to a social housing fund.

Federal Government;

We call on the Federal government to impose a punitive tax on investment residential properties, which would drive home ownership; and a progression plan towards a mix of owned and social housing only. No investment residential properties.

Federal Government should also take over administration of State Tenancy and Property Law. 1 law for all Australia.