Uniting-Bill Crews-Exodus on the Nose

As well as being regarded by homeless as a pariah moneymaking conglomorate, it would seem that they’ve managed to alienate more than one NGO. In a surprising recent revelation the Director of one long-standing  Charity which provides services to Sydney & NSW Homeless described Bill Crews as a liar.Point blank and unsolicited. Since then more NGOs and Charities have been at pains to distance themselves from this conglomorate. We agree. Gone are the days when the Rev Noreen Towers could be relied on to offer genuine caring solutions to problems, when they were the Methodist Church. In their place has emerged a money first oriented Mega-Parasite preying on the marginalized, seeking to use people as cradle to the grave income generators for their own benefit, and a complicit partner in the bipartisan Federal & State Government Intervention Structure. One of Linda Burney ‘s favourites we’re told, and Jenny Macklins too,without doubt.

Well, they get most of their funding out of YOUR Taxpayer dollars for providing very expensive minimalist services which purposely do not offer lasting solutions.