Youth Off The Streets Kick off their Gold Coin Appeal in Martin Place early tomorrow morning.They hope to raise $40,000.
Although this is a branch of the parasitic business / church posing as a charity Uniting Church,and a DOCs funded Youth Service (with the automatic family and youth spying role that comes with the excessive per person funding,The Rev. Ted Noffs run YOTS does do some excellent work with youth, and we have very few ex YOTs people known on the streets.We do have one of their ex-charges in our youth wing by agreement with that persons mother,and of course,that particular individual.He credits YOTs educational program with doing stunning things for him and has called some other ex YOTs youth who all say the education support is great there.This young man is attending TAFE, and looking forward to a career…

We Stop short of endorsing YOTs, due to its contractual mandatory reporting obligations to DOCs.We do have a couple of issues with some things they do, but lets not detract from the successes they have.It may be useful for intending donors to know the following;
a) As a Department of Communities contracted service provider, YOTs are required
to make mandatory reports on Youth and Families.The reports are used by
NSW Communities to persecute, or yes,blackmail families into complying with
their whimsical idea of how families should be.Youth are NOT told that these
reports are being made,or of the possible legal implications for their siblings
parents or family.They are also NOT told that these same mandatory reports
may be used to stateabduct their future new born baby.Case Workers present
as “social workers who help you”.Their is a clear moral and possible untested
legal conflict in this process. This is a NSW Communities policy for all who deal
with children.
b) Like all NSW Communities Service Providers,YOTs is extremely well funded by
NSW Communities.About $6000 per “inmate,per week.”They are also
understood to attract further funding from other government agencies and
some corporate support.In our view they are a well funded business,not a

c) Youth Off The Streets is a branch of Uniting Church

Make your support decision with the above info in mind.

Persons wishing to donate to their Gold Coin Appeal can do so at Martin Place tomorrow (Friday 30th April) morning or on their website Youth Off The Streets-Donations

We have no association with Youth off the Streets, or any organisation opposed to them. We vehemently oppose NSW Communities #familyterrorism and #childstealing for profit. Its government driven #humantrafficking.