Our respect to Jef and Alina Gambin on this, what must be a sad day for them – one year since the parasite NSW Government handed Just Enough Faith Assets over to Pariah Rev Bill Crews.

To Bill Crews Exodus Foundation,we are income generators – there to be made money out of, a common view of NSW Communities and Federal Governments Families & Community who also depend on us for a living. What Politician or NGO CEO would want to make a problem worth hundreds of millions go away- hey guys, just don’t falsely claim the money in our name-you are deceiving the taxpayer.We don’t need your conferences at Byron, luxurious offices or flash new cars.We don’t need your counsellors or parasitic NGOS-we need affordable houses.

Message to Exodus Foundation Volunteers: By helping Exodus Foundation you assist that organisation to keep government and corporate money which they have raised in the name of homeless people. It is a despicable & dishonest practice perfected by church based NGOs.They are a business who take money from multiple sources in our name-and provide scabby,minimalist services.Let them pay people with the hundreds of thousands they rake in.

In the year since, most of the long term old timers have left, driven away by the gung ho attitudes of uncaring Exodus Foundation Staff paid staff. Those long term housed (in social housing or expensive boarding houses) who made the nightly trek more for the company have fallen away, and now sit mentally withering in the dying boxes in which they live.

The only likeness between the sumptuous meals which Just Enough Faith provided and the often lunch leftovers which Bill Crews Exodus serve is that they are both hot meals. Exodus Foundations gung ho,take it or leave it attitude underscores the shabby way in which homeless people are treated by these organisations who raise millions in our name annually. For Uniting Church spinoff Exodus, we are mere income generators.

I can’t say what we are doing about it at this stage,but our single aim is to see all parasite charities defunded – within 3 years – Kevin Rudd has backflipped on everything else, so we will try.

Even if all the unproven allegations by NSW Government agent & failed wanker banker John Oliver (still alive,just) NSW Labor, and Bill Crews Exodus Foundation were true (and I don’t believe they are) , they pale in comparison to the hundreds of  millions of Taxpayers dollars Federal and  State Government, ACOSS, NCOSS, Uniting Church, Catholic Church, Anglican Church and Mission Australia greedily divvy up among themselves annually in our name.

Our challenge for all these parasites is to show the public how exactly the money is spent – not in blanket 5 line accounting, where $450,000 “research” consultancies to someones spouse are dubbed homeless services- but a line by line itemised accounting showing the cost of services which directly benefit homeless or marginalised people, in the view of the marginalised.

In the last year Bill Crews spent a tad under $150,000 hiring a 10 year old van which was a fire hazard for staff and used to justify his low quality service. Hes since bludged the money in our name to deliver the same leftovers in a bright shiny new van. Blackmores,thanks, we know you mean well, but you have been ripped off. Exodus Double dip then serve low quality food – except when Al Ghazalli cook the food they buy…

I can’t wait for the demise of Bill Crews Exodus Foundation – coming soon. And I will smile too when the treacherous anti people Labor Party are removed at State & Federal levels.