The Rudd Labor Governments post election rhetoric on education raised the communitys expectations that finally there was a government with a genuine will to deliver on education. Our smiles froze on our faces as rhetoric gave way to reality.

Rudd Labors Laptops for Students was as effective as standing on the dockside throwing money into the ocean. The plan was really an subsidy for the electronics industry,applied totally at the discretion of schools. Some,mainly private schools made the decision that as most of their students had computers at home,the school would simply keep the money. Other schools, some almost totally devoid of IT resources, asked eager computer store salespeople to advise on appropriate systems. Many industry players scrambled to bring craptops, in particular unstable,unreliable Intel Atom N270 based garbage to unload on a juvenile and unsuspecting market. There was no attempt to standardise a critically needed national Education IT backbone, a potential driver of a sorely needed standardised Nationwide education system, ready to take advantage of the mooted National Broadband Network. We got none of that-just a gung ho giveaway of taxpayers money, which in 4 years will be completely redundant – a blatant waste.

Rudd Labor has continued with the apparently bipartisan supported propagandisation of sport in education. A field where aboriginal and other ethnic students could excel without subjective gradings was contaminated by the blatant putsch of the Anglophile Howard era neanderthal government to create a level playing field for anglophiles- by inserting racist anglocentric propaganda masquerading as Australian as subject matter- so offensive that several pulled their children out of sports. Rudd Labor obviously sees no problem with monocultural anglo values being paraded as “Australian”- because, like the Liberal National Coalition, it is an anglocentric party; neo-colonists masquerading as Australian. There is still less attention needed to the “core 4” of Mathematics. High school students who ask to understand a mathematical problem are told to use a calculator, then tested without calculators being allowed. Doubtless, Education Management would dismiss this as lazy teaching.Yes it is-and yes your system permits this. Reasons why kids can’t spell are similar. Why the hell would a student from a non Anglo background be remotely interested in Shakespeare?? Especially when they can’t read spell or use grammar appropriately.

Rudd Labors recession busting Schools construction program is showing all the hallmarks of yet another Government giveaway for its pet contractors. Currently,at least 1 long term contractor,Reed Construction,is under investigation for gouging. We are aware of other rorts in this system too.At least one reasonably sized contractors HR person bluntly told one of our guys that they were only hiring backpackers -with UK or Irish passports. I’m sure that they are a more malleable workforce. I’m sure they are less likely to ask for pay rises-or object to unsafe working conditions.

Rudd Labor has done nothing to offset the millions of public dollars Howard poured into private schools, to help the ailing public system catch up. Infrastructure and equipment levels are still light years behind the private (and especially church based) sector.

The Rudd governments education performance has been abysmal. The missed opportunity to provide a world class national k-12 education backbone, upon which to build a truly equal opportunity education platform has been perhaps irretrievably squandered. Unless,the objective is in fact to not provide a level education playing field, reserving the very best for the most economically empowered.We have the same racist, Howard era mix of propaganda and school. Unfortunately, we must again lament the demise of Labor as the peoples representative party, and face the reality that they are in fact “the other face” of the economy first,business second people last Coalition of which Liberal & National have thus far assumed leadership.