Parasite Exodus Foodvan: A shameful skeleton

Just shy of a year ago, career parasite Exodus Foundation, famed among Sydney marginalised for taking and wasting untold hundreds of thousands in the name of Sydneys Homeless & Marginalised community, conspired with NSW State Labor Government to steal the assets and clientele of Just Enough Faith,the only real charity which provided services to homeless people in Sydney City. Sure, Vinnies provide services, but they are not a charity in our eyes – they are a hundreds of millions of dollars a year business, which keeps the facade of charitable work. We are happy to say that after nearly 40 years, Vinnies Matthew Talbot has been forced to raise the quality of its food services-and we applaud them for doing so. We emphatically do not endorse the fact that women,families and children cannot eat a hot meal there – according to the powers that be in Vinnies,do they not get hungry? Or perhaps Vinnies find it more profitable to keep #stateabducted or “casemanaged” children & families in its DOCs funded “Families program,at $5400 per child per week.

We always maintained that the quality of Just Enough Faith services embarassed the government funded pariah church charity businesses to lift their game on food quality-or close. Mat Talbot has risen to the challenge,and we regret to say today provides a far superior service to the unreliable, low quality, inappropriately prepared and cooked fare at the JEF foodvan site today – under the stewardship of pariah Bill Crews Exodus Foundation. This parasite is still using the foodvan to suck corporate & government money into his unaccountable, insatiable black hole – funding often given in good faith and applied  to benefit Exodus and its cronies,while diminishing services in Sydney. Noteworthy is the fact that Exodus sister organisation Uniting Churches previous facility on Bourke St,Edward Eagar Lodge, a spacious facility with a huge kitchen,stopped serving homeless people about 12 months ago. In addition to our previously stated concerns are the additional issues that several guys have notified of the effects of food supplied by Exodus; vomiting,diahhorea and other like effects. We reluctantly personally went to sample food tuesday night – and those who ate are staying in close proximity to toilets with cases of diahhorea. So why are the NSW State Government and a bevy of wealthy Sydneysiders so supportive of Bill Crews?? Why,simple!! His services are in Ashfield, and anyone who can sucker Sydneys Homeless community to go elsewhere is a friend of government & the neocon establishment.

As the anniversary of the NSW Govt/Exodus Foundation takeover draws near, we lament the demise of the convivial atmosphere which was nurtured and fed by Jef Gambins “Just Enough Faith”. No proof of any wrongdoing has ever been offered against Just Enough Faith.Offers to pay out any debt, or take it over were rejected by the charlatan planted by NSW Labor as an” independent assessor”. Chris Jones is a retired Treasury apparatchik. A Labor hack. Like many other NSW Labor actions, it matters not what laws are in place-they just steamroll everyone in their way. And we hope you remember that at #NSWElection2011 .

  • Do Not Vote for Kristina Keneally. Premier & ex minister for Infrastructure with then responsibility for Callan Park.Sought to destabilise JEF leases to effect development, while assisting Labor Stooge & donor John Oliver with his personal vendetta. #NSWelection2011
  • Do Not Vote for Linda Burney – Minister for DOCs (Now Communities). Anti family minister who refused to assist homeless, but funded pariah charity Exodus unwanted invasion of JEF services.