We have been notified of a further 16 NSW Child State Abductions of young children this week.

  In two cases, the mother, or parents, were significantly drug affected. But other notifiers suggest that the parents of State Abducted Children have no drug or instability issues. In several cases, both parents work. Significantly, none of the State Abductions reported have been of youth 12 plus, in fact the oldest reported is just 7. Four are newborn babies, with two stateabducted from Liverpool Hospital. Liverpool Hospital seems to rate highly as a place DOCS abduct children from, and we do not recommend anyone have a baby there.

  Our concerns are that DOCs are now selectively targetting the lower age demographic, that the source of  mandatory reports which form the basis of these childabductions cannot be identified, or tested in court, and that DOCs are acting as a feeder for the enrichment of some DOCs selected NGOs who receive $5400 per week for “casemanaging” state abducted children.

Community Warning:

 Parents and the general community need to understand how this invasive government department does business, free of the spin emanating from Minister Linda Burney and her NSW Labor government. The public needs to know that these state abductions occur without warning, without the prior knowledge of parents, on the basis of often self-serving allegations made by police, teachers, school management, childcare workers, Youth Support Network members ( such as Oasis ) and Health service providers. Unlike whistleblowers, who are blatantly sacked by an out of control NSW Government which can’t obey its own legislation, mandatory reporters enjoy the anonimity afforded by empowering legislation, and for proceedings to be issued on the basis of their reports, sometimes even on the basis of what DOCs conjecture the report might infer – in a court where the basis of Australian law (the evidence act) does not apply- and judges may take into account whatever they like.

  We have found instances of malicious reports made by teaching professionals, as a tool against parents who will not toe the education department line, turning their children into robotically miseducated regurgitators of the state colonist view of education, history or other subject matter. Parents reported for refusing to force their children to attend racist PDHPE classes ( PDHPE is a Howard inspired subversion of sports, to include colonial “Australian” values which are 100% christian & english in their basis.) Parents & Carers mandatorily investigated by the same “no evidence act applies” rules, if they take injured kids to hospital. Asked to address offensive questions deemed relevant by fresh uni graduate geeks who have zero child raising experience, or expertise.

What You Can Do;

  •   Support Families Communities and Children in their struggle to self determine, free of repressive government. 
  • Campaign against and Vote Jenny Macklin out at Federal Level.
  • Campaign for the repeal of The Childrens & Young Persons Care & Protection Act 1998 in NSW
  • Campaign to Vote Communities Minister Linda Burney out