DOCs minister Linda Burney’s latest family invasion tactic comes under the heading of “Domestic Violence.” And our feedback comes from the Fairfield community where her departments latest initiative is being piloted – along with a swathe of other battler and ethnic or indigenous heavy communities. Reports show that the NGO driving Human Services / Communities / DOCs Domestic violence initiative is approaching housewives and telling them how easy it is to “get the house and kids” via a domestic violence report, AVO, and of course,NGO assistance. Judges and DOCs love Family Law because it allows them to go to the very boundaries of fiction to surmise what might have happened, and issue an AVO against the “perpetrator”. Our informants are a hardworking self employed husband and father of two lovely children- and his sister and mother in law. They tell a horor story, of a dedicated, non smoking, teetotaller and devoted father who for the last 10 years has devoted his time to building his business, nurturing his family, paying off his home and helping his daughters sports club. Not quite a perfect marriage though – Mother in Law (yes,wifes mother tells of the wifes three affairs AND addiction to some illegal chemical substances, which mother in law says she obtains from the boyfriend who now shares the family home with her and her two children, who are allowed to see their father,separately, for an hour, 1 day a week – Thanks to the DOCs NGO who coached wife and arranged AVO. Now homeless hubby (living with his inlaws) had AVO served on him at work, stopping him returning home – where most of his business equipment and documents are. He went to the bank to find $45000 missing, from the business account to which his wife has access (she effects the bill payments). Husband, sister in law and mother in law are all adamant that no violence ever happened in that relationship. Tearful 8yo daughter clung tearfully to her dad when it was time for nan to arrange transfer back to mum. Her screams of “Dadddy!!” echoed down the hallway as nan took her away to comply with court orders. This is an example of NSW Domestic violence legislation in action. I don’t pretend for a minute that domestic violence does not occur. I have evidence of widespread domestic violence, across a wide demographic – lots of reports from the affluent Eastern Suburbs. I note that DOCs pilot programme wilfully shys clear of the more affluent areas,where residents are well able to afford the staggering costs of defending oneself against #familyinvasion with a bevy of barristers. But they are quite happy to apply their #familyterrorism in the lower income areas where people cannot afford an essential private defence- often applying their duplicitous laws across cultural barriers they don’t understand exist.

Families and cultures are being destroyed by DOCs often malicious intrusions, on the basis of contrived “evidence.” Hard working breadwinning husbands are coming home to an AVO preventing them from seeing their kids, access essential business or work equipment, or stay in their houses- while the wife gets to keep the house, kids and her new boyfriend who has just moved in. A lot of people are going to be upset that this item unfairly targets their organisation, or style of organisation.Thats not my concern. I share the outrage with those who genuinely support women and children who are genuine victims of domestic violence – but there are just too many advising spouses to end relationships and be supported in doing so by DOCs via AVOs and other deviously contrived devices. Our Youth Wing has some of the byproducts of this style of DOCs invasion -youth who have rejected the “parent with the new love interest” who is in every case the stay at home parent, and in every case,the parent supported by DOCs.