On Keneally & Homelessness

Kristina Keneally has pulled together another gabfest committee of Homeless advisors, with a couple of “homeless”. Wonder where they came from?? Carefully selected for her by some Christian NGO,no doubt!! If she thinks she will be seen to have consulted homeless and marginalised people by this inclusion, shes sadly mistaken. Like her minister Linda Burney Ms Keneally prefers to consult with the same tired old pariahs,who doubtless arranged a couple of ‘token homeless” who would not stray too far from the NGO empowering line.

Keneally has cleverly shifted the goalpost for her governments Homelessness Strategy back a year,to 2013.Thought we wouldn’t notice. And downsized the percentage they would reduce homelessness by to 7%. Still not clear what base figure she wants to reduce.If she means reduce homelessness on the basis of the City of Sydneys Street count, thats about 28 homes she needs to provide by 2013. Not unachievable. Now we are wondering where the new social housing is being built in the Sydney City Council area – no,not Vinnies old peoples homes in the middle of Robbery Alley Redfern, thats not housing. Where are the social housing units being built in the Rocks to replace the beautiful large old homes housing are selling on 99year leases? We haven’t seen ANY social housing being provided in Sydney City- and aren’t interested in the economic aparthied which forces marginalised people to live in woop woop, keeping the city benefitting greedy pariahs.

Well, Ms Premier, you don’t find the right answers by continually consulting with people and organisations who have so consistently failed – including your Communities Department. It may be worth considering that those current NGO NFP and government bureaucracies themselves,are so much part of the problem,that they should not be part of future discussions seeking a solution.