1 year on…

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we regret that Just Enough Faith no longer exist,its homeless food service turned into a pitiful money generator for Government darling pariah Bill Crews Exodus Foundation

Just Enough Faith was stolen and closed without reason by the duplicitous NSW State Government, its resources handed to parasite Christian Uniting Churches Exodus Foundation.

April 7th marks the 1st anniversary of the theft of Just Enough Faith’s  from the Sydney’s Homeless community, by State Government. On April 7th 2009, retired Treasury apparatchik Chris Jones was appointed as “independent” assessor of Just Enough Faith by the NSW Office of Liqour, Gaming and Racing, remarkably, on the basis of completely unsubstantiated allegations that founder Jef Gambin had taken Just Enough Faith funds for gambling. Independent contractor?? How the hell could a treasury apparatchik be independent?? A lot like Childrens Court Clinicians being presented as independent when they are government funded operatives with strong links to Childstealing DOCs.

The real reasons were much more sinister – a Christian – Government conspiracy to close the embarrassment to perpetual parasite christian charities Just Enough Faith had become, while at the same time destabilising the leases JEF held in Callan Park, to make way for then Infrastructure Minister Kristina Keneallys Infrastructure Departments development aspirations for that property. Their interests dovetailed neatly, and were well served by removing Just Enough Faith. No longer would an independent non faith based charity be seen as the premium place for homeless and marginalised people to eat. This service would be replaced by scungy serves of usually unpalatable fare, served by uncaring apparatchiks from Career Fundraiser in the name of the Marginalised and community recognised parasite Bill Crews and his money grabbing Exodus Foundation. Never before funded by Government, we understand that The NSW State Government gave Bill Crews about $320,000 to run the service for a year. On his version of events, he wasted about $150,000 of that money on a clapped out van which is a potential firetrap, and incapable of serving the volume of food Just Enough Faith served – but that was never Bill Crews intention… his intention was to use homeless people as tokens in the board-game of corporate and government fundraising. Hang on- he was given the van Just Enough Faith used successfully for 8 years to do this with. Did it hold too much food for his liking? It was out of rego?? Then re register it,thats not hard- but to squander $150,000 on a clapped out van he hires at something like $420 a day is a scandalous waste of money raised in our name. And what happened to the Just Enough Faith Foodvan?? Well, he put it back into service for about a week, then claimed it had been stolen. He was heard on his radio show bleating about the low act of stealing from a charity, and simultaneously soliciting further funds, while demanding $50,000 insurance. We understand that Blackmores Ltd may have chipped in a substantial amount.If they did,we thank them, but sorry,their donation,like all other donations to Bill Crews Exodus Foundation, is misdirected.It does not benefit homeless people. It goes to help fund his other parasite programs, including providing a DOCs spying service.Back to the van…In January, we found out that the van which was supposedly stolen, was found stashed where Bill Crews ordered it to be hidden!! Fraud?? We went to the same media who were so keen to successfully destroy the public persona of the one man who had genuinely helped homeless people in Sydney for 17 years, Jef Gambin. Not a murmur of interest. The alliance between Government,Parasite Christians and the Media looks after its own. Who needs censorship in Australia when we have a church and government tamed set of editors of all major media outlets? The same media who were quick to damn Jef Gambin and hold him convicted in a trial by media, not remotely interested in the fraudulent misrepresentations of Bill Crews.Back to the van.. The Just Enough Faith Foodvan was last reported in an auction room, presumably awaiting sale… hang on, it was bought with charitable money and therefore should be passed on to a like organisation. The only legal way in which it could be sold is if the insurance was paid out on it and its ownership passed to the insurer. Which would be Fraud, because the van was falsely reported missing. Oh, and another thing about Exodus Foundation – they apparently have 50 paid staff.. we know of no marginalised people offered meaningful jobs there- And Just Enough Faith did 100 times the job with less than 8 paid staff. We aren’t interested in those employed delivering meaningless government services.

We again ask the public and corporate sector not to volunteer for or

donate to Exodus Foundation to assist homeless or marginalised

people. Certainly not if your aim is to help homeless people.  You are donating to an organisation whose intention is to

maximise the revenues it raises, funding the at best wanton waste

demonstrated by the van hire above.

On a brighter note the genius whom we understand was paid handsomely to undermine Just Enough Faith, an ex merchant banker from Babcock & Brown called John Oliver, is dying of cancer. Fitting.Karma really does work. I hope he dies a slow and excruciatingly painful death. And if there is such a place,may he rot in hell. We understand that John fell out with Jef Gambin, when Jef saw what John intended to turn Just Enough Faith into – another parasite organisation,feeding the rich, throwing scraps to the marginalised.

Government departments to thank for this orchestrated and baseless takeover are

Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing: Which misused its powers to take over and hand control of Just Enough Faiths resources to Bill Crews. Minister Kevin Greene is a target in next years election.

Department of Planning & Infrastructure:The department which gives assets to greedy developers. Its agenda was to build a development in Callan Park, citing an urgent need for University Student Housing. On then minister Kristina Keneallys watch, people needing to be in care were tossed out onto the streets as the former Psychiatric care hospital was closed. Just Enough Faith held peppercorn leases which could have considerably affected this departments secret development plans. The plan was to provide university housing in the inner part of Callan Park, then quietly release the shore area for private luxury housng development. The development would link directly to the still to be built Barangaroo Residential Complex for the rich, given over recently to a government friendly developer. The unannounced extension of the now abandoned City metro past its stated terminus at the Balmain Leagues Club provided that expensive but now abandoned underground rail link with the passenger volumes needed to ever justify such an expensive undertaking. Now Premier Kristina Keneally can rest assured that Sydney Homeless will actively campaign against her at the 2011 elections.Our campaign will focus on her time as Infrastructure Minister, and the dubious duplicitous decisions that department made on her watch. We will also campaign directly on the basis of her continued alignment with and funding of Parasite NGOs & NFPs in the name of homeless and marginalised people, despite their consistent failure to successfully implement any strategies which either address current homelessness or address the drivers of homelessness.

Community Services. Funded Parasite Bill Crews Exodus Foundation to run down the top class services once provided by Just Enough Faith-dragging those services into like with the ACOSS-NCOSS accepted model of what homeless people should get, in food quantity and quality,and also how homeless people should be treated-as income generators. Minister Linda Burney also responded to a parliamentary question that “her department are not interested in assisting homeless people in their unhygenic lifestyle.” This department bears and minister bear much responsibility for increasing marginalisation through its unfortunately named Family & Childrens sections -in reality an anti family NAZI style department which aims to exploit hapless children and families as income generators for their Church and Private NGO partners.These organisations are in a position to maintain children in their “case management” while the actual carer receives a paltry $600 pw from the $6000 pw allocated. Linda Burney can expect a SydneyHomeless group comprising aboriginal people, affected children and families and homeless people to campaign against her in her electorate, for the 2011 elections – and we will start early.

Just Enough Faith

Lastly, I’d like to record my heartfelt appreciations to staff, volunteers and suppliers who were part of the inimitable Just Enough Faith -they only charity or organisation who actually made a difference for marginalised people. And a special thank you and well wishes to Jef & Alina Gambin who made the impossible(for government,churches) possible for many years.