Greater Sydneys best Homeless Service  is The Aboriginal Corporation for Homeless & Rehabilitation Community Services. Catering to aboriginal women & children, it is rated number 1 for service quality, affordability, transitional support, food quality,food quantity. And I don’t even get along with its management. But they are good people.

Unusually, this organisation, although DOCs funded, actually managed, last time we looked, to walk the tightrope between taking funding from childstealing fascists and providing decent humanised services to its residents. Food quality was the best seen in any homelessness organisation,anywhere in quality, quantity. Rent was also rated the best value. Other qualities include the humanised approach that comes with a basis of caring, not making money. Their phone number is 9799 8446. Address is confidential for child protection reasons.

Great work, people. For those wanting to see how a residential homeless services organisation might operate with humanity, check them out