Jobs? Many in Sydney City unsustainable

$14.31 per hour (before tax). Thats Australia’s minimum wage. A lousy $543.78 per 40 hour week. About $27,500. Gross. Oh,income tax is 15 percent. $81 per week. For your weeks hard slog you get to take home a whopping $462.78 every week…WOW!! In fairness,the Fair Work Commission is looking at increasing the minimum wage-you can bet that there aren’t any minimum wage earners on that panel. The Unions have asked for an increase of a massive $29 per week – just under 5%. Federal Government has said there should be an increase. But before these supposed protectors of workers quietly raised the issue,3 employers lobby groups suggested that pay increases were necessary for workers in their industries.

Many major businesses especially in the food and retail sector, pay minimum wages.Even worse are youth wages where businesses are built around paying exploitative wages to young people.The education system does little to prepare young people to defend against exploitation, and some schools actually organise mini expos for exploiter businesses to recruit at.

Last year, as a final act of bastardry,Howards pro-employer Fair Work Commission, including serial exploiter of marginalised people Patrick McClure, gave no pay rise due to the economic crisis.Ex Mission Australia and Vinnies CEO McClure who wrote the infamous McClure Report written while still CEO of Mission Australia mapped opportunities for governments and NGOs to exploit marginalised people, won an award for services to business and we know what those services are-Keeping marginalised people exploitable. Of course Mission Australia was,and continues to rake in the dollars . Another who made a fortune out of the same exploitative policies is Rudd spouse Therese Rein (ex CEO Ingeus / Work Directions Australia.

Across the wages and salary spectrum for non management in all businesses except, there has been legislated restraint. Howard’s slave labour wages as stepping stones to something else has been demonstrated to be little more than a pathway to poverty.

The new minimum award, due to come in to effect July 1st, will doubtless be offset by further tax penalties, and of course there is still no constraint of property purchase, rent, or retail and service prices. There is also insufficient regulation of banks.

I can confidently predict a rise in drug dealer numbers, prostitution and crime as hard working, honest Australians give up on ever getting a fair go on sustainable incomes, and resort to drastic measures to make ends meet. The reasons are simple.

Politically, at federal and State levels we have a bipartisan prioritisation of the economy and business interests, above the interests of the people. You will note that in the recent bank created world financial meltdown, Rudd underwrote banks, but not private citizens debt.Bank profitabbility didn’t miss a beat.I trust the people are not stupid enough to vote for either anti-worker, anti-people Labor or Coalition – let the dollars and bankers they care about vote for them.