Homeless bashed,filmed

Underlining the dangers of sleeping on the streets is the recent rise in bashings of sleeping homeless men by groups of non-homeless youths. Several older guys, usually sleeping alone,but in one case 2 guys together, have been “sleeping bagged” recently. Sleeping bagging is where some people trap the sleeping person in their sleeping bag or bedding,while others of the group take turns kicking the victim.

“Woodchips”, Woolloomooloo area, Haymarket, the Rocks as well as inner city sleepers have been affected.

The perpetrators,have been noted as different groups of young people – those that have seen assaults tell of group members photographing acts on mobile phones. There are no attempts to rob or destroy property, and quantities of alcohol present have not been touched.

The photos (or perhaps videos) bit is quite disturbing, and I’m hoping its not someones idea of a Facebook Group, or competition.I’m just being told by one of the victims that they often repeated kicks then asked ‘did we get that?, so the recordings are quite important to them.

If you come across a social network or other site which is in any way promoting or encouraging such behaviour please let us know.

Our advice to homeless guys out there is to sleep in more out of the way places in groups.

Homeless People,if you do not have a phone which works, see us at the usual places, numbers, or contact us .

All readers, if you have a phone you do not need, we need it!! contact us!!

Theres an empty govt commercial with what look like all weather terraces to sleep on at Hunter & Elizabeth.You will need sleeping gear.

Theres also the old Electricity Building at Pitt & Bathurst,where the covered area is sleepable.

See our Phones-for-the-Marginalised

For urgent assistance if you see a homeless person needing transportation Ring Missionbeat 1800306461 – They used to be 24 hour when Mission Australia was a charity, but now only 8a.m. to 10 p:m .