Despite Chronic Shortage NSW Housing Dept sell Properties

Sydney City is the least affordable of all Australian localities.Recent research by Stocklands shows a shortage of 200,000 dwelling units in Greater Sydney.In the last year rents rose by 30% in Sydney City despite a slight halt in the rapid escalation of purchase prices.Pay rates were frozen and many subsist on wageslavery rates.

In spite of a critical shortage of affordable social housing in the Sydney City area, several NSW Housing Dept owned  properties in the Rocks/Millers Point area have been seen with “for auction” on 99 year lease terms via agent Di Jones.We know of no plan to increase social housing stock in the area in which these properties are, or any plans to provide similar large social housing properties anywhere else in the Sydney City area. New social housing identified by us has been mainly of the “dying box” variety, or in non Sydney City Council areas, and all under the expensive and invasive control of Supported Accommodation Assistance Providers, with access being conditional on joining one of their “case management” programs. The NSW Residential Tenancies Act 1987 has already been altered in recent years, taking rights other tenants have from social housing tenants and conferring them on SAAPs.Linking the acquisition of social housing to these programs,while highly lucrative for the NGO concerned, is yet another step in governments invasion of personal and family privacy.They must be regarded and opposed as part of a wider set of cradle to the grave bipartisan State and Federal cradle to the grave laws and policies designed to rule over, not on behalf of socially marginalised people.

Despite the rhetoric from the wreckage that the State government is, these are large well located properties in an area where there is a chronic shortage of housing and especially for larger families. Once auctioned, once affordable housing becomes the preserve of the self enriching, or the self aggrandising. Ironically, the new occupants will doubtless complain about the pre-existing tenants next door, perhaps the departments cynical act to terminate leases (basis of neighbour complaints.) and effect more sales…