Before starting a training course,consider, what jobs will this qualify me for and will they provide sufficient income for me to pay for the lifestyle I want. Remember, personal income tax is 30% of your income.Tax returns at the end of the financial year are not guaranteed and do not pay your bills now.Set your minimum income goals and ensure that the jobs you will be eligible for after training will accommodate your personal lifestyle goals. Stepping stones are bullshit which enslaves, not empowers you.

There are a plethora of “training” businesses specialising in using Centrelink Claimants as income generators, usually training people for #wageslavery positions working for worker exploiters.

Before signing up for a course, you should ask;

Is the training provider nationally accredited?

Is the course content nationally accredited,and when? An IT accreditation form 2008 or earlier is an industry antique, worthless.

Is the qualification industry recognised?

Which are the employers that have indicated a shortage of workers in this field? Make sure they are NOT employment or recruitment agencies,but actual businesses.